What is the best Arcade Stick to star with?

Well i’m thinking to get one of those, but i don’t have a clue about arcade sticks… i don’t want to build up my own stick, so i want advices about it.

I heard mixed reactions about the SF IV mad catz stick… so what’s a good choice with a good price?.

Help me please.

It’s down to personal preference and of course price range,
buy an X-arcade its the best money can buy…

s’all about them kof ps2 sticks, the ones that are shaped like a bowtie.

mixed reviews for the sf iv TE stick were probably just the first batch that had some problems or something, its a great stick with all sanwa buttons, would be ideal to start on, unless you like american style better

Please ignore this man.

As for the MadCatz sticks, the TE is debatably the best pre-manufactured joystick on the market. You can’t go wrong with one of these. Though the price is a little steep ($130-$150). I think it’s worth it.

The MadCatz SE alone is not the best stick. The parts are honestly kinda bad and not only feel weird and inconsistent but will probably wear out on you more quickly. What makes this stick popular is the price and its ease of modding. If you don’t mind getting your hands a little dirty, you can replace the stock parts with much better parts for a decent price, usually cheaper than a TE.

Depending on which system you want it for there are also a few other options, like the numerous Hori sticks.

If you aren’t into modding or building, I’d go with TE or a decent Hori.

its hard not to say stuff like kill said. Seems like there is a thread started everyday having to do with what stick is good to start with. Search, you will find soo much info.

If you are trying to be a star look to getting a joystick with lots of glitter and sparkly stuff, maybe some Neon Lights and also don’t forget exaggeratedly large sunglasses.

and a over sized louis vuitton handbag to carry it?

get TE its cheap and good, or get your own built, 3x the price of TE

so… after all the mad catz’s stick isn’t the big deal, well i’m looking for a solid hardware, so i guess the SF IV stick is not one of my options anymore.

Oh yeah, i know, but there’s to much info and i don’t know where to start to read.

What do you think about this Hori Stick?

the price is 57.45, is that good?

And this other one:

the price is 99.99, is it a good choice?

better choice, but only out october
u can find TE’s for $99 on sale sometimes, and thats a better choice than those 2, they dont use them at EVO for nothing

Hori Real Arcade Pro series is good.

The ones with SA or SE moniker on them are even better.
SA means that it is equipped with Sanwa parts.
SE means that it is equipped with Seimitsu parts.

Hori Fighting Stick 3 is a fine stick for beginners, I can do most of the basic SF combos with it fine(including ryu’s shoryuken fadc ultra and other ultra combos), only problem I have is 3-frame linkings( c.LP, c.MK or c.LP, c.HP links), you need to be a little bit more forceful with the buttons than with sanwa custom sticks or TE, and timing feels different.
Both the buttons and stick feels stiffer, bulkier and less sensitive compare to TE parts, but I would say it wouldn’t make such a big impact if you are just learning this game, you can always switch to TE or custom later on.

And other thing HFS3 might have a little issue with is that, if you are beginner, you might sometimes get emotional and use enough force to move the stick on the table, since it is kind of light weight stick, but after a bit of training, you definitely can control yourself not to make a sf4 match into a workout.

Are you even reading these responses?

If you want a solid stick and don’t want to mod, get a TE or a HRAP.

I hope you’ve realised from the thread that there’s no definitive answer, If you’re serious drop some bills on a stick you won’t regret it HrapSA/TE seem to be prominent faves…
Or the best option ever for a 1st time stick…
A NAMCO… (+ convertor)

edit: Out of the two you linked I’d say hrap, But if you have the cash get a TE.
you’ll probably regret getting the fs3

Get a Fighting Stick 3 or Mayflash if you wanna keep it cheap. Both can be upgraded with arcade parts and are relatively cheap.

You should definetly consider building your own, it might get a tad expensive but you’ll be really happy with the results.

Here is link for Voltechs Cases:

I like my HRAPEX

The hori sticks are good learner sticks IMO. Although if you think you will like it and continue to use it, you might want to go with a hrap. Even if it’s not an sa model, they have jlf’s and the buttons are easy to mod

Buy one of the more affordable Hori sticks, and learn how to do everything stick related on that.

You’ll appreciate good parts much, MUCH more once you decide to upgrade, and if you decide that playing with a stick isn’t your thing, you’re not out $170.

It bugs me when people buy TEs and then give up on actually using them. :bluu:

this. get a cheapo used hori for $30 or a new one for $45 off Amazon and get learning and figure out what you like/what works for you.

personally i like Happ, but there’s no manufacturer out there that makes em premade besides custom.