What is the best Arcade stick?

With modding and without modding.

See here

For full listing of what retail/commercial sticks are good, stock and for modding

Please read the actual guide and the summary.

Also for individual Modders/Stick builders? Too hard to say honestly, there is alot of people here on SRK that desrves more respect than I can give them and their work worth every single penny spent and then some.

Naming off even a few would be an injustice to the community as every modder brings something different to the community

Every one brings in something different from beautiful cases, Perfect Paint Jobs, Professional Panel art, Custom cut panels, God like super wiring, difficult or tiny space constraints (including dual-modded game pads) unorthodox or uncommon controls scheme or layout, or that modder dived into a area few dared tread before.

There was a Modder of the year thread you can try searching for that for all the nominees

ed nailed it…

That’s all the new people need to see.

Every SRK member should be able to read the FAQ’s and stickies posted at the top of the Tech Forum.
Threads like this shouldn’t be started anymore, period.

Don’t make pointless threads that can already be answered by the stickies.