What is the best combo after lk. lk. with cyke asst




Whats the best bread and butter after ckye hits…i know you can rom…but wat else


From lk, lk+cyke:

dash behind, sj.hk dashdown lk,lk…

the do whatever you want.


WtF? Ur combo makes no sense. . . .translate plz. . .and the focal point was cyke a.k.a cyclops a.k.a not psyLOCKE, but cyCLOPS.


hope you like this one

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Re: hope you like this one

your a dumbass


Lol… That “combo” is pretty dumb. =\


not only is it dumb, it doesn’t work. psylocke won’t come up after the airdash because you’re still in sj mode.


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also when lk lk cyke connects you should dash forward sj RH a/d d/f lk, lk then do whatever you want from there. shockwave , infinite , reset whatever.


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haha someone got owned lmao