What is the best follow up after the following attacks?

HK Gekirou
LK Gekirou
Backthrow (no forward jump safejump)
Sweep (I have no fucking Idea what to use as follow up that will give me a 50/50 situation)

Depending on the character, an Oga setup is possible after Gekirou. But an Oga after the LK Gekiro can be AA’d/punished, so don’t rely too much on that one. Also, you can go for regular safe jumps or a meaty crane c.HP if the opponent doesn’t have invincible wake-up moves.

After back throw you can use a kara back throw, by walking 1/2 of a square forward. Most characters have the throw box in range, although I still need to research on which chars it’ll fail.

Sweep: try safe jumping with crane j.HK (not Shakudan). It will provide enough blockstun to continue your pressure. j.MK in either stance might result in a DP on block.