What is the best groove for kyo?

Also, what are the best abillities to have for him when you make your own groove?

Kyo is a mixup character, meaning he’s meant to rush to try to get a knockdown. After the knockdown, he has a lotta things he can do, w/ throws, crossups, low combo starters and high hitting knockdowns so that you can try to play mind games w/ your opponent. Knowing that, there are still a few ways you can play your Kyo thus changing the “best groove”

That being said, it’s natural to go for K groove, which is the groove for rushdown type players. At 135 % while raging, his rekka combos add up fast, and guard bars disappear quickly. However, from my personal experience, landing supers is harder (at least for me) as people tend to turtle when you’re raged, but the damage done from small combos can easily be worth it. The main problem I have with this groove is the lack of counter attack, which hurts a lot when your facing the legions of A sakuras out there.

If you like flashy combos and almost guranteed supers hitting, A groove is a good choice for kyo. He has good guard break combos, counter attack, and some damaging custom combos. I personally don’t like his dash that much, but if you get good w/ his custom combos, this is definitely the way to go.

C is good if you like to cancel supers. I’m not sure, but i think canceling a lvl 2 QCF x 2 + P super into serpent wave does a lot (sorry, i don’t play kyo much in this groove).

N is great for mobility and is similar to C, w/ the option of powering yourself to do more damage in clutch situations.

And S groove is horrible, don’t bother.

So I’d list it in this order… w/ K/A interchangeable depending on playstyle…

K, A, C/N… S

PS, I wouldn’t make your own groove, since you can’t play it arcades anyways. But run is good, and his roll isn’t very good.

i’ve been wondering this myself lately, and here’s what i think…

1st. P/K
3rd. N
4th. A
5th. C
6th. S

P or K first because of low jump and parry/JD. N is 3rd because it still has low jump and kyo is a good battery for N-groove. A is above C because you have more chances to use your meter in A-groove, although C-groove cancels hurt a lot. S is last because kyo’s dodge attacks aren’t too hot.

I completely forgot about P groove. It is definitely a good groove for Kyo, but I rate it below K and above A just because I really prefer his run over dash. Also, K has safe recovery which lets him recovery momentum much more easily then tactical.