What is the best keyboard with anti-ghosting for SSF4: AE?


I’m looking for a keyboard for SSF4: AE . I’m pretty bad with pads and very bad with sticks but keyboards are fine by me :smiley:
I play Chun and Juri .I’d be thankful for any suggestion.


If you like keyboards for play you should check out the Hitbox (http://www.hitboxarcade.com/). Which is a stickless fight stick and layout of WSAD and space somewhat.

But about keyboards i would say any good rated anti-ghosting keyboards on newegg.com would be just fine. What really matters is the feel do you want mechanical? For the “best” anti-ghosting keyboard you can easy pay more then a stick duel modded and everything.


What does anti-ghosting mean? Sorry, noob question.



Please use google it will save you time this was the first thing that came up.


USB keyboards will have inherent ghosting issues, some gaming keyboards will let you hit up to 6 keys at once, but usually its some modifier keys, regular keys, and arrows. If you play ssf4 with all regular keys that will be an issue.

Old school PS/2 port keyboards shouldn’t have ghosting issues.


mechanical keyboards

love my ducky browns

but love my seimitsus more

but if you own a stick, just keep playing with it. and go into practice mode and make sure you can do every special move with your character 10-15times in sucession on both sides


Get one with Cherry MX Brown or Red switches, then do this for lower key travel:


Or check out the geekhack classifieds:

If lack of ghosting is your sole concern then a Microsoft Sidewinder X4 should do the trick.


Steelseries 7G


Steelseries 6G v2

You can press as many keys as you want if you connect them to the Ps/2 port.