What is the best 'out of the box' arcade pad?


Hi all.

Long story short: I’ve been playing on console controllers for years since SFII, and I recently decided that I want to get an arcade stick for my PS2. Because I don’t have the slightest clue as to how to mod one and reading guides would probably make things more confusing, I want to buy a decent pre-built one. That said, what is the best pre-built arcade stick? I’ve tried looking around and searching this forum, and my only guess would be a hori stick. But, any insight and help would be most appreciated. Thanks.


If you perfer American parts, MAS is generally considered the best arcade stick maker.


You can get them at aftermarket sellers for a bit cheaper than from MAS.


The problem is, MAS is currently pretty back-logged due to all the tournaments coming up. Many are reporting 2 month+ waits for their sticks right now.

As far as Japanese part sticks, yes Hori’s are what people usually use, though from what I understand, people usually mod the out-of-the box hori’s with different parts. I can’t tell you too much more about this as I perfer American parts, so I haven’t really looked into it. I do know that finding PS2 hori sticks is starting to get a bit hard as hori is phasing out the PS2 line for the new PS3 line. I’m sure if you look around a bit you can find them though.

Me personally, I found myself in the same boat as you. I need a stick; these pads aren’t cutting it anymore. However, I’m not prepared to wait 2 months for a MAS. I want to enjoy the stick over summer. I started looking into a home build and was surprized to find out how easy it really is. This site gives a good general overview of the process and even has templates for the boxes:



If u like american parts go with mass, or get a custom built stick from one of the builders here. If u like jap sticks hrap is ur best stock stick, they usually sell for 100-150 depending on where u get it. I bought mine from ebay it cost me like 96.00 with the shipping included. Honestly that’s the cheapest I’ve ever seen the hrap1 for.