What is the best port of Super Turbo?


What is the best port of Super Turbo and how close does it get to being arcade perfect?


Either a good emulator with the right speed settings, video settings, and ROMs (like GroovyMAME, ShmupMAME, any modern MAME)

Or a Dreamcast with the right dipswitch settings.

Xbox360 with HDR Classic on a CRT comes close, but not as ideal as the aforementioned.

How close is it to arcade perfect? Depends on the version. Varies between 85-95% accurate depending on which one you want to play with.


The Dreamcast ST suffices a lot for me. An underrated platform with high quality Fighters over the competition at the time.
It’s a favorite bonafide platform I enjoyed over the years with the option to also play the 2/23/1994 arcade GMC. Absolutely worth the $55 bucks I spent years ago.

On PC, I do shmupmame.


Get TDC Final 2 for Dreamcast, or play the CPS2 ROM via emulation.


Dreamcast, knee grow.