What is the best power supply for a CPS2 OR CPS3 system?

So what is the best power supply for a CPS2 or CPS3 system? I need one that can handle 360 joysticks. Which one is recommended in the happ website?


I’m looking at this one because it seems like a good one but I’m not sure if it will work for Super Turbo or Third Strike.


I really don’t know about power supplies when it comes to arcade cabinets. So please feel free to give any input or expertise you have. Thank you.

The one you were eye balling is pretty specific for the games it supports; that ATX looking connector isn’t used by more standard cabinets.

Plenty of power, and a cool three color LED to tell you if you need to adjust the 5v line.

Same as above but with 2 more Amps on the +12v line.

Don’t worry about the p360’s. The 120mA two p360’s would draw aint shit compared to the 15 Amps either of those can provide.

Thanks. Will these work for a naomi also?

Toodles, I forgot to ask in the last post. But in the two power supplies you recommended, it doesn’t say that it has a fan. What about a power supply with a fan? Do you need a fan? I’m guessing you do or you it will fry your arcade system.

Thanks for the input its appreciated.

What about this one?

Yes, a fan is a good idea, but it doesn’t have to be attached to the power supply; you can buy those separately.

The power supply you point to can provide enough power, but would be more difficult to install that the ones I linked to.