What is the best PS2 to PS3 controller adapter?


Hi, I own several PS2 arcade sticks that I use all the time. I like to use them on my PS3, but I noticed that some of them have a slight lag due to conversion time or lack or processing speed with the adapter.

I was wondering, is there any adapter for PS2 Controller/PS2 Arcade Sticks that convert processing speed fairly well and accurate? Because when you play a game like CvS2 or 3S, strict timing and precision is very important and there is no acceptance for “input lag.”

If you guys know any good ones please let me know.




If you dont want to worry about lag, sell some Ps2 sticks and buy a PS3 stick.


Even though they don’t make them anymore, the Pelican adapter is a great choice. Either that or gut an existing stick and buy a Cthulu.


The Pelican was the best, but like the member above me said, they are no longer in production, but the Inpin is just as great.


If you are playing the ps2 versions of cvs2 or 3s on ps3, you’re getting lag from that too.


I use this. It doesnt lag. Been using it at FDM sessions for almost a year and a half. The only problem is that it registers as 2 controllers.


Technically that’s not the only problem. It also lacks a ‘Home’ button function.


That’s true. I guess i dont see it as a flaw, since at the local sessions we barely use it. When I only had a ps2 stick, I just used the ps3 controller for home.


Oh, absolutely depending on context it might not be an issue. However at a tournament I would be surprised if it weren’t as all it would take is someone using a controller or converter that doesn’t “un-map” when unplugged and then when you plug in there’s no way to re-map your controller to P1 or P2. That said for a fairly cheap converter I haven’t heard of any lag issues with it so it has that going for it.