What is the best settings for print and make my Artstick?

Hi to all!!

Maybe is a stupid question, but really i need your help!

The size of my stick is 10.53"x 7.17", do i need to work in photoshop whit the exact size? or i have a error margin, between the photoshop work and the real print??

What is the best resolution settings to print in a adhesive vinyl??

I really apreciate your help!


I dunno if there is something special for stick art, but most art you are going to print you want to make at 300dpi

A good question is what is the dimensions of the faceplate (the area the art will be on)? If you can get the dimensions for it, make sure the file in photoshop is the same size.

If you are still unsure of the dimensions, print out a dummy art sheet (b/w on cheap paper) at 10.53 x 7.17 and adjust/cut it till it suits to your liking. After that just get the real artwork done at wtvr size you adjusted the dummy art to and your good to go.

Also make sure the work is set on 300 dpi (one of my sticks uses non-adhesive vinyl material and the art looks fine with a 300dpi setting)

Thanks for all the answers.

I have one image, in a medium resolution quality, if i make my artwork in 300dpi, i think the image shows to much jaggies, its posible to fix the image??

i like to use this:


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The “jaggies” you speak of is the fact that you’re up-scaling a shitty quality image. There’s no getting around that, since you’re using a non-print-resolution image for a printing purpose. 300 dpi requires huge imagery. You can either print in a lower resolution and accept the blurriness, or up-scale it and accept the jaggies. Choose wisely.