What is the best SNK team for N or K groove

I was thinking between Kyo, Iroi, Geese, Rock, Terry and Yamazaki.
If any more please name them but I ain’t playing with Joe or Ryo

Also which groove out of N or K will be the best for Team SNK

I’d go with N Iori, rock, terry.

Or K Kyo, Geese, Yama.


Kyo, Hibiki, Geese… But some other good characters are Mai, Rock, Nak, and Yamazaki.

K-Hibiki, Rock, Geese if ur good with rock/geese counter and pull out geese’s special 100% then that would be deadly (JD/counter)i cant pull off geese’s special so i cant use that team


K-Hibiki, Kyo, Rock

My team


hibiki/yama/geese or hibiki/kyo/rock

In N-Groove, it’s Kyo, Hibiki and Iori.

They are among some of the best SNK characters in the game, but since we’re talking about N, which is Iori’s best groove, one of Hibiki’s best grooves, and a super-solid Kyo groove, the groove matches up with the team in the best possible way.

In K-Groove, replace Iori with Geese. Hibiki or Rock both are pretty high up there in K-Groove, but I think Hibiki is better than Rock in K-Groove because with Hibiki you have a 100% safe chain super that you can get a good combo in even if it’s blocked. Still, Rock is one of the best K-Groove characters in the game, so if you’re going up against characters that can punish Hibiki’s distance slash easily (Bison for one), use Rock instead.

Kyo also is great in K because it’s just like Kyo’s best groove, P. Well, almost like it, but you get the idea.

So, then:


Yamazaki is damn near unstoppable in C-Groove, especially with the dash-in and roll-in grab supers. Not that he’s not good in N or K, it’s just he has a much better groove in C. Terry is also solid in N (counter roll is good), but again, he’s much better in C because of that cross-up hop dash and quick-building meter.

Nak is actually pretty good in K even though she really doesn’t have a use for supers. All her annoying moves get even more annoying when you have one frame less (JD) to retaliate in. She’s definately not top 10, though. (I still love her!)

N-Vice is actually pretty close to being up there as well, don’t forget about her.

Damn I have never leanrt 2 play with Hibiki as she isn’t my cup of tea, so to be a pest who would u replace hibiki with then on both grooves

K Kyo/Rock/Geese2

N Iori/Yamazaki/Whoever really, SNK doesn’t have too mnay good Anchors.

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I’m no expert by a long shot but Hibiki is one DEVIOUS bitch. If you want a good SNK Team in the N or K you can’t go wrong with her.

I heard she has crap energy and she has a lag in her special moves

hibiki owns you, watch buktooth play her in n-groove, she can hold her ground by just using her pokes, against blanka and bison its a different story however i heard space the slash correctly and they cant hit you, but i wouldnt know how to do that

best snk characters for N groove…

probably Hibiki and Iori

for K-groove


damn man i need to pick up some geese

LMAO Hibiki takes damage better than nearly all the females. She’s tied with Chun-Li & Maki.

Roots and the Dash super can be comboed into. The only one that can’t is the Blackout. You can do her command parry throw and you get a free Blackout off of that.

I see the problems with her vs. Bison, but most Blanka players can’t handle Hibiki’s.

:karate: K groove Ryo, Joe, Sagat…

Team cheap as hell. :sad:

my favorite N-groove team (also my best overall team) would have to be Vice/Iori/Kyo. Vice can be devastating against a lot of people because, in my area, im like the only person who ever uses her, so nobody knows how to counter her when they fight me.

On other grooves, i sometimes find her dealing a little less damage than I would like, which is nicely offset by breaking stock on N-groove. Her good roll compounded with small jump means major annoyance for the enemy, plus counter rolling into a command grab can just ruin someone’s day.

As far as Kyo and Iori, I think other people have already explained why their good on N, so I doubt I can do a better job.

My team In K: Rock/Kyo/Geese, I use yun as battery as well, but since were talking about SNK characters, terry’s pretty good in both N and K groove. You could always have a team like Rock/Terry/Geese, at least then you could say, “I roll with team Southtown Bitch’s!!” just a thought.

How about N-groove Akuma? Ohnuki is pretty lethal with him…