What is the best way to convert video to iPad?

Hi there, I have a lot of great movies and I’m going to see some of them on new iPad. And all my videos are not from iTunes. It is rather annoying that Apple products accept only iTunes videos. I know it is legal to copy videos for personal use, so please don’t tell me that I need to buy it from iTunes. I’m looking for iPad video converter. What is the most user friendly and fast software?

Not sure about all that DRM crap from Apple but for general conversion of files use a program like MeGUI or any of the other great H264 GUI’s and convert them to H264 & AAC encoded files in a .mp4 container (not sure if apple supports .mkv) MeGUI has a preset for the Iphone that will work perfectly for the Ipad so you dont have to worry about the encoding settings for video.

For audio just use Nero AAC LC of about 128kb/s (or even less is ok for movie). Google up some tutorials to get you started, once you have the hang of it, its rather easy.

Actually this is not the case. Copying from most sources (ie DVDs and BluRay) is illegal under the DMCA.
As for converting video… Handbrake is pretty good

Videora has always been good for converting videos to MP4 format, for all Apple products. It’s pretty idiot proof, too.

Came here to say this

Hey, I had the same kind of problem and was advised to use this professional iPad converter http://soundtaxi.org/any_video_to_ipad_converter.php (sorry for link)
It’s really easy to use - you should just connect your iPad to the computer, and put the video into converter. It will be converted automatically to the iPad format (iTunes video) and you can copy it to your iPad!
iPad is a great product and very convenient to watch video on! so enjoy!

Thank you all for helpful advises!
I tried MediaBuddy iPad Converter and it works for me. I like fast speed of conversion.

Recently I found that there is another software called AnyConverterX. It can convert videos not only to iPad but for iPhone and my friends MP4 player too. And AnyConverterX is absolutely safe. Hope it will be helpful for all who are looking for such kind of software.

I would have to agree with LiberalTugboat. Handbrake is great for converting. Converted a movie to mp4 or m4v (can’t remember which one it let’s you use other than mkv) and put it on my iPad. You can also change the aspect ratio to make the file size smaller. Quality didn’t look so great on my ps3 after ratio change, but still looked awesome my iPad.