What is the best way to fight a good Abel with cody



that zoning that abel do is making me mad


“watch stickies”… check
"realize the matchup thread"… check
"think twice if the question wouldn’t be eligible for the matchup thread"…check
"decide to be a fool and create a own new thread"…check!



best way to fight a good abel with cody is to invite sabre to your house and give him the controller


a zoning abel? what? Just posted a couple matches I did with an abel in the cody video section.


you know why everytime I I put a post up people are aways saying bad things. the time it will take you to type you could you could have help me.


you could have used the minimum effort to use the matchup thread. you just create a no brainer thread with ONE sentence, yet you l you want a detailed helpfull analysis…

As you sow, so you shall reap.


I dont know how an abel player can zone out cody. Why dont u post a video and let us see what ur doing wrong


you gonna have to be specific dude. you arent gonna get good responses if you dont have examples.

zoning abel does not work. so i dunno how he is able to zone you out. if anything, you should be zoning abel out/baiting ultra or rushing him down hard


Very vague, but me as a Abel player, I tend to try to rush the shit out of Cody. I don’t see how a Abel is zoning you out.


i think he meant “the zoning abel is making me do is making me mad”


I’d say he means “abel is poking me out”


Oh. Mash Tornado Throw.


make yourself feel better about your pathetic life by being an asshole online… check


Rush his ass down. He has no good wake up. The only thing he can do in the corner is roll out.
You could just throw him out of that. Zoning him is to difficult he just rolls right threw rocks.


Abel’s tornado throw is throw invincible, so dont try to throw him when you get close as he will simply win. Use ex Criminal Upper when you see a throw coming. Jump away and press HK if you dont have meter


best way to beat Abel… counterpick

match is 7-3 for the frenchman. game over if he gets in once.

your only good defensive option is EX Criminal

on offense Abel is somewhat more vulnerable to frame traps because his c.lp and c.lk are 5 frames but he has TT/EX TT instead. he beats Cody at footsie range because Cody has nothing even 1/10th as good as F+MK and his foot speed sucks. Cody can’t jump in on Abel, either.


Missing out on a lot of stuff here but I’ll respond with my write up on the matchup when I finish it.


The guy honestly should of read the rules instead of making a topic. Anyway I get pretty scared around abels since I have no idea what to do


i played against a good abel player today in endless. he eventually left my lobby. the final score was 6-3. me being 6. i found that baiting and punishing his roll is a really easy way to beat him (roll is throwable, throw as soon as you see him roll). i would say beating abel mainly revolves around zoning him properly and punishing his TT and Roll.


tho, good abels don’t roll randomly around. ^^
But I’d second that it revovles around zoning him + hit and run, at least I don’t want a good abel on me :X his mix up is just dreadful.