What is the best way to fight a good rufus with cody

I am having a hard time fighting him

You are already dead

mash jumping light kick

I’ve been ignoring this match up for awhile haha. TBH i know it was gonna be hard so I didn’t wanna stress myself too early on in the game.

Heres some tips. You gotta be on you A game to win though. You already know to have a solid defense: block dive kicks, tech throws, etc. Those you gotta work on your own but hopefully this can help you.

  1. Jab him out of his dive kick pressure. If he’s doing that stuff it’ll be fast enough to catch him.
    Other buttons that work: cr. strong, b.strong. cr. mk, cl.hk

  2. You gotta zone him out. I don’t think ANYONE is good with Cody yet. No matter how many videos they show of themselves beating on someone using cody, no one is good. Practice the spacing game.
    ex. Be in the range where you can throw rocks and if it wiffs be able to st.Hk out of the air. It’s almost like using bison to hit him out of the hair.
    other buttons that work in this situation: st.mk, f.mp, st.hp, st. short.

  3. Messiah Kick’s. This is all based on your reaction.
    If he does the flip kick than of course you can only block it.
    If he does sweep -> U2.
    If he does overhead -> slide to the other side,he’ll be in recovery and you have a chance to do a combo.

It’s really a keep away game. The b.mp isn’t as reliable in this match up cuz he can change the angles of his dive kicks so be weary.

Good tips. I’m not liking Cody’s options on Messiah Kick, how does EX Zonk fair?Oh, and on the ‘no one is good with Cody’, I’d say Actrabe on YT is pretty damn good, even if we don’t know all about Cody yet.

Slide as in cr.MK?

If so, that’s pretty awesome. If I’m thinking right, that pretty much means that all you need to do is crouch and time an MK with his followup (late enough that you don’t get smacked out of it with his sweep), right? So that if he does the sweep or flip followup, you’re still blocking, but if he does the overhead, you get to slide under and punish? I guess he could delay the flip response (much like he can do against Ryus who like to try to DP the followup), still.

^ basically. Try it out. It looks cool, cuz you’re like OH SHIZZ MATRIX!

to be honest. when i see i just do it. I also do b.mp and it’ll beat it too. the thing is if you do b.mp you’re basically reseting the situation and he’ll just do whatever shenanigans he was doing before the messiah.

i just keepem outta the air, and make sure to use your rocks w/ jumping fierce, and get his stun up

here a video of what im talking about


hope that helps

edit: this wasn’t a pro rufus, but still this general strategy works

Don’t do any of these every again. This general strategy does not work.

You are contributing to bad play.

ON another note… And maybe somebody can test this out, I know a LK Super will beat his Ultra 2 Clean…
This makes me think a LK Ruffian might do the same, with Rufus Ultra 2 presenting such a problem to some of the cast, if Cody had this kind of up on it, it could be worth wild

One big thing everyone is missing. Get him to waste his EX Messiah kicks, baiting them, jumping away as soon as you see it, or anything you can do to only get hit a few times. It’s not exactly easy, but it sure does help.

Ryan Hunter says hi.

Anyway, I’d just try keeping your distance and punish when you can. With every Rufus that I’ve fought, I find that I’m throwing a LOT more rocks than usual and if they try to use that long range crouching poke, I just stick with doing some crouching jabs since that beats it. I don’t exactly know this matchup though.

All I know is that keeping my distance in all of my Rufus fights so far has seemed to help.

I’m with Ayo. I mean, he’s good, compared to the general Cody player, but I feel, down the line, he will be MUCH better, as will we all, and what he’s doing now will be nothing special sooner or later.

This match gives me a lot of trouble too. Here are tips I wrote for myself.

  • Mash standing LP to beat low dive kick pressure when cornered.
  • Throw rocks to make them jump. Fake rocks then use FK for AA.
  • Get backthrows as much as possible to set up safe jumps to bait out EX Messiah.
  • Be ready to FA overhead Messiah Kick ender for crumple
  • Rufus usually only uses launcher messiah kick ender if a) they can FADC ultra or b) you crumple them a few times
  • Bait c.FP and U2 on block

Keep rufus out with HK/Close HK,HP/crouch HP(not that great but has situations),slide, back mp, and most important Heavy ruffian kick it will at worst trade and leads into fadc forward heavy ex criminal upper

To the person that said ultra 2 his crouching heavy punch thanks for the tip but I almost never chose ultra 2 against rufus since he is in the air with dive kick pressure the entire time and even if I do hit it with him its only going to hit with the dust

Be patient, use rocks wisely or one mistake and he gets in for free, also if you see him with no meter take advantage of that asap without ex massiah he is as free as you on wakeup.