What is the best way to lower a stick?

Well i made my own stick. i used a standard JLF with a flat mounting plate. Problem is now, it sits very very high.
Now all of my friends sticks who have the TE, SE, and even the FS3 all sit lower then mine. it is like they are mounted 2 inches lower then mine. so what is the best way to lower mine? I had an idea but since i am inexperienced, i want to ask the best section on srk for advice.

You were supposed to route a hole for the mounting plate to sit flush with the top panel.

what? That is what is going on. The mounting plate is flush with the top panel.

I’m presuming that you have it top mounted… as in the mounting plate is on top of the wood.

What you need to do is bottom mount it. What you do is you just put the mounting plate underneath the wood and then secure it.

Top mounted

Bottom mounted:

Get it? Try that. Depending on the thickness of your panel it can make quite a difference.

if you top mount the joystick and don’t route a hole is there any negatives?

Oh, try bottom mounting it then like Canton said.

Weird, I prefer top mounted height over bottom mounted since I find the shaft is too short when it’s bottom mounted.

If your case already is routed like in the first pic in Canto’s post, I don’t think you’ll be able to bottom mount on the same case.

2 inches makes no sense at all, your stick should only be 3 inches tall max anyway. 9mm below your top surface is what you are aiming at.

hmm that is weird as hell. i have it bottom mounted as well… It is almost as if i am missing something that makes this stick taller then the SE, FS3 or anything else i have played on. The stick is almost 4 inches tall with the ball top…


how the heck can it be 4 inches tall above the case… I have a jlf mounted into a namco arcade via this technique http://arkadesticks.com/namcomoden.htm. So it’s almost the same as top mounting, I think the namco metal panel is maybe a few mm thicker than a flat jlf mounting plate. I just measured the height with a seimitsu balltop… 2.4 inches tall including the balltop.

btw what does it matter how high or low the joystick is above the panel? Does it affect input accuracy?

i have an unmounted jlf with no mounting plate here right now just measured it, its about 2.75 inches from teh base to the top of the ball

So you have it top and bottom mounted? :rofl:

Are you sure the stick is a genuine Sanwa?

if bottom mounted

grab a piece of block, make sure its flat. height should be about 9mm or w/e. make like 4 flush drill holes on the top panel. Cut a circular hole in the middle of the block. Mount the block on top panel, and mount the stick onto the block

if top mounted

make a deeper hole

seriously, post a pic

the stick is closer to the buttons now and the box is smaller over all. But yeah it is directly under that sheet of aluminum. I was looking at friends sticks, and the fs3 has a shorter shaft but the Madcatz SE has the stick mounted, then it has about half to an inch of empty space before it hits the top panel. I wish i could explain this better, but it is basically so the hand can rest on the bottom panel, much like in arcades. with this sanwa, it is too high for that arcade feel.

Put some washers on the bolts between the top panel and the mounting plate.

here is what you are aiming for i think…
stick should sit 9mm below the top surface (top of the aluminium you are resting your hand on) (as per MrMojoZ)

if we minus the top plate thickness (aluminium) 2mm?

that leaves 7mm which your stick is sitting too high

so u need

------------- 2mm ------------------ < existing aluminium top plate
7 mm of washers or some shit
--------------9 mm below ---------- < joystick mount plate

if the aluminum is 2mm thick you could use 3 or 4x thicknesses of it below the top mount to space it or some MDF etc

i was worrying that the washers might be too “loose” as if i move around there will be some flexing in them. but 7mm isn’t a big deal… i am gonna run to the parts store right now.

you could use a block of mdf or something similar if ‘loose’ is an issue, or even a couple of thicknesses of perspex drilled for the stick etc