What is the best way to mash for various moves?


Hello all, I’ve been working on my MvC2 game and when doing things like cyke’s MOB, hail storm, etc I’ve been informed that my mashing is one of the downfalls of my game. I know that different throws and supers in this game require different kinds of mashing and would greatly appreciate input on:

A: What a specific kind of attack requires mash on. IE Sentinel ball needing punches and stick or something like that.
B: What do you find is the most reliable way to mash it and practice that mashing for stable damage output on various things.
C: Notes on mashing as pertaining to specific moves. IE hypergrav magnetic tempest can be escaped much more easily if you start mashing the stick at the right point.

My primary team is Dhalsim, Sentinel, Cyclops so the main mash moves I want assistance/information on are:

Mashing out of tempest (Also note any differences if necessary with Sent in the corner)
Yoga noogie command grab
Sentinel ball
Mega Optic Blast (Super Optic Blast?)


Start with:


Thank you very much for the link! It’s much appreciated! Unfortunately it has the target to mash for on moves but lacks it on the throws/command throws? Do all throws universally have stick + 4 buttons or something else?


Certainly not… I know I use ken’s throw all the time and the fastest he can go is normally with a pattern similar to stick back, lk, stick fwd, lk… repeat… doing that as fast as possible makes him machinegun knee their face… using 4 buttons instead of lk makes it much slower.

In terms of the target to mash for… most throws seem randomly seeded in the amount of extra hits you can mash for… sometimes its none or very few… other times you can mash like a mofo. aka always mash like a mofo… even if last time you did it… it seemed to help very little.


The trick to mashing out of tempest is not to mash too much. When you see the hyper grav, you want to go from neutral, to back, forward, back. While hitting those directions you want to be swiping the attack buttons. It’s possible to mash out of the hyper grav, but mash too long and get hit by the tempest bc you’re wiffing a normal.

Think of it as mashing out of the Hyper Grav and you’ll do better.


So there is random in how much a throw can do? I range between 28-60ish for yoga noogie and was attempting to find some way to make it stably 50-70. >.<


Ya, there’s a range to the damage, where you can do everything right and still get the low end damage. Random like that. Basically, use trial and error, and find the best method for each. Some like a lot of mashing early, then a steady mash afterwords, some like only PP or KK, some are mostly in the stick, etc.