What is the best way to position the wires in the TE

I just got a New TE and I had to open it to tighten the Ball to because it kept loosening while I played. After I did the wires for the buttons were in the way of the and that side wont close. I’ve tried to move them to the side and would like to fix this with out bending the connectors on the buttons.


I’m not quite sure what you’re asking. It sounds like you may have opened your fightstick from the bottom. TE fightsticks have to be opened at the top to access all the wires, connectors, etc. If you ball top keeps getting disconnected, hold a flathead screwdriver into the bolt at the bottom of the fightstick, and turn the fightstick until it is locked into place. Hope that helps…

I opened it from the top and fixed the ball but now I cant get it to close because the wires under the buttons are in the way

Just move the wires around untill you can close the top…it takes a second to get used too but it will eventually close…you can get anal and re do the wiring but it isn’t needed…there is enough play to get it to close…

Ok thanks I got it now. Earlier when I thought I had it the LT button kept getting stuck. It and the LB still fill like they have more resistance than the others but that dosent matter.

I have having to open and close the TE because of this. MadCatz should hire JDM714 to do their wiring for them.

Ya this is my first TE and I know I’m not gonna be opening it as much as my SE

I routed mine down the middle of the buttons and tucked the excess under the right side of the case, I’m at work or I’d send you a photo. Wire ties would also help you cut down of the spaghetti like mess that a ton of loose wires becomes.

ok ill try that when i get ready to change my art thanks for the suggestion