What is the best way to replace the PCB in the 360 Madcatz SE stick?

My 360 is detecting the RB button as being constantly held down, so I assume that there is a short between the RB button and the Ground. I really have no idea how to fix it. By the way, does anyone have a fully labeled schematic of the SE stick PCB? Maybe then I will have a better shot at seeing where the short is…

Anyway, if I wanted to swap out the Madcatz PCB with another one (bear in mind this is for the 360), what are my options? I am not great with soldering (last time I did it was in high school shop, a long time ago), so the less soldering the better.

Have you already called Mad Catz for warranty info? Do that first.

If you really want to swap the PCB then go to the Trading Outlet section of the forums and buy a soldered 360 pad. This wouldn’t technically be all that hard to do, but you aren’t going to get away without a good deal of soldering.

^^Thanks for the info Kyle.

The problem is that I already did the Washer fix, so my warranty is probably void. I will call them on Monday to make sure though.

Maybe buying a pre-soldered 360 pad would be good. I don’t have any soldering equipment available anyway, so I would have to buy that to solder…I figure it will be cheaper and less of a hassle to just get the presoldered one. I don’t really want to make this a big project or anything.

If there is a short for that one button, it shouldn’t be within the PC Board,(but it may, weird tho) your’re more likely to be having some problem with the physical wires, or where they connect to the pc Board. Check that over first. use a magnifying glass if you have to.

ALSO it could just be the button, did you try swapping the quick disconnects to another button and test if it works, doing this will tell you if it’s just the button that is dying, and will only cost about 2$ to replace. (or 16$ if you wanna get all matching buttons)

or you could be extra cheap and just shuffle the working buttons around to the 6 that you normally use, and disconnect/cover with electrical tape the 2 quick disconnects that are normally hooked to the broken button (RB)

They should still honor it if you mention you were trying to fix the washer, etc. Otherwise I doubt you would have opened the thing. Do call them before it turns into a ‘project.’