What is the best way to transfer my old files to my new laptop?

here’s a little back story. my old laptop was a hp pavillion that crapped out on me. the lcd screen broke so to use it i would have to hook it up to my tv with vga cables. eventually it got to the point where if i would try to boot up windows vista the standard way my tv would say “not supported”. oddly enough, it would display on my tv when my laptop was run in safe mode.

so I have another laptop that I would like to transfer a good amount of my files to. i’ve discovered a program called “Windows Easy Transfer” but apparently it doesn’t work in safe mode. I would rather not shell out money for an external hard drive for now, is there a way I could transfer the files via ethernet cable between the two laptops when one is stuck in safe mode? btw, the other laptop that i want to transfer the files to is running on windows 7.

when it says not supported in normal mode, its more than likely a resolution problem, startup windows in lowest possible resolution mode (F8 when you startup and its in the menu) that should solve that problem.

If not, best bet would be to buy a cheap $5 external enclosure and install the old hard drive in it, transfer data via USB

i tried to boot it up in vga mode, but for some reason my tv still doesn’t support it… it only supports safe mode for some reason. and as far as i know i can’t change the resolution in safe mode. fml. and i don’t trust myself in opening my laptop.

An enclosure or a HDD to USB cable are the ways to go for sure, they’re cheap, easy to use, plus they’re useful to have around.

are u sure for that??

cant you transfer files through ethernet ports?

You could try the following:

    If you have a desktop and it supports the harddrive, plug it into the desktop and transfer the files.

  2. (This uses ethernet, but I haven’t actually done this before, it should work and it wouldn’t hurt to try if you really don’t want to get an enclosure)
    -Boot up safe mode with networking. (OLD LAPTOP)
    -Share a folder on your new laptop. (NEW LAPTOP)
    -Check if you have access to the folder (create text then delete). (OLD LAPTOP)
    -Transfer away

External harddrive. They’re relatively cheap and really useful, after you transfer the files if you no longer wish to use the HP laptop, you can use the old HDD as an external HDD for media and/or backup.