What is the best way to travel with a full set up?


I was playing around with the idea bringing a legit dreamcast set up for marvel. I would be flying down there, and am looking for ideas on how to take the following equipment:

  • 2 MAS Sticks
  • PC Speakers
  • 15 inch CRT monitor
  • Console + accessories
  • Power strip

If I put all this ish together its really bulky and heavy. Do I need a giant travel case? Should I ship it to the hotel?



I think the biggest problem you’re likely to have is with the TV. It might be cheaper just to check the rest in on your flight, then look for a pawn shop/craig’s list TV when you get to Vegas. The only other thing I’d worry about is the MAS sticks fitting in your luggage… might need to detach the bat-top for traveling.


Bonus with the pawn option, once you’re finished, you can just pawn it back and get part of your money back on the cost of the TV.

Ain’t doing that with one you moved there yourself.


I use this now for travelling, it’s super portable (basically the size of a 13" tablet): http://www.gechic.com/product_help_en.asp?s=3

Only ~$200, and has screen lag of just 21-22 ms, which is just +3 ms higher than Asus and other low lag monitors (which have ~18 ms), so basically almost negligible extra lag. It’s powered via USB so you’ll need to have spare USB ports or a powered USB hub though, as well as a portable set of speakers (another ~$20 purchase).


Yeah man but I’m tryna play dreamcast…

If I had more time in vegas, the pawn shop route seems ok.


Cool! They have a VGA connector available for it. I might have to invest in this myself!


FYI, that VGA connector actually comes standard with the monitor package (along with HDMI). :slight_smile: