What is the cause of SSBM being flamed?

I would just like to know why so many people do not like SSBM. Just like many good fighters, there are much to learn. Don’t pick up the game, play it for a bit with no knowledge of the game mechanics and just say it sucks. It’s a great game and others should get into it. Simple and small thread just asking for your opinion. Please don’t just yell out random crap. Hopefully you’ll leave constructive criticzism. Thank you.

There are other threads on this go search.

Some people don’t like the game, some people are put off by the community, some people are idiots. There’s your answer.

Street Fighter Fanboys tend to look down on other fighters if it doesn’t have Ken or Parrying systems.


t-minus 10 posts till complete and total destruction… oh boy…

Basically some dudes have their head up their asses when it comes to video games. Just ignore it and try to enjoy yourself, also this is a Capcom/Street Fighter fansite, I hope you are posting here realizing that. Not everyone is going to like your game of choice, but again, try to ignore it and enjoy yourself.


Flame bait…


I give you credit for even posting shit like that on srk.


It was a joke anyway. But it does make you wonder sometimes…

If you are talking about people on SRK, then I think it is quite obvious why people don’t.

If you are talking about people in general, then I think you need to go look at some sales figures.

Yeah, great site and all, just don’t really understand why people can’t accept Smash. I’m pretty much into GG/MvC2/SF series/Doujin/etc and stuff, and I think Smash is awesome. People should try it out, go to www.smashboards.com and get more info for it. People would probably enjoy it more at evo also.

There’s a thread for this kind of stuff. What’s with people asking why Smash is supposedly being given a bad name? The pointless threads only contribute to the madness…

I knew this site was somwhat hatin against SNK

because it’s not their cup of tea?

dont worry about it

What the hell?

I play smash, it’s my favorite game but I’d never send anybody to feel their way around smashboards. If anyone goes to smashboards stick to your regional threads, tournament videos and the stickied guides. The rest of the of the site is trash. Be sure to avoid the general discussion especially. All real discussion goes on in the smash backroom which is invite only.

P.S. close thread.

not a bad game, i just dont like some of the people in the community

face palms…my fellow red people…listen to me…people hate…end thread

alot of people hate certain fighting games…others dont

What difference does it make? Is is that important to you that a handful of random spiteful SF players are turned on to a game that already has a large successful scene?

Why do smash fans always post this topic?

It doesnt matter what answer you will hear. They have all been said.
Worse yet, none of them are ever acceptable to smash fans anyway.

close thread.

smash sucks and so do u.