What is the correct frame number?


on shoryuken wiki , the sonic boom lp =recovery 29 and total frame 29 too.
my question is does the total frame is correct?

thank you.

I made these charts using the japanese SF4 strategy guides. The original SF4 strategy guide for the arcade version didn’t have a TOTAL column. The new SF4 strategy guide does have this column. I will double check all my numbers when I get home. It does sound wierd that the TOTAL would say 29 frames instead of 9+29…38 frames total. It is like this with everyone’s projectile attack. I’m not sure why the new strategy guide would write the data this way.

thank you to answer me , but i don’t think total is 38 ,because with guille stand far hp block stun +1 ,we suppose toal is 29 so the sonic boom come out in 28 frame and the crouch hp come out in 5 frame .28+5=33 and 33 is less than 40 ,the total frame of shoto’s jump .So i think the total is realy 29.

edit : the mistake is probably the frame recovery , but it sound realy weird , rarely i saw mistake strategy guide from japan.