What is the "correct" speed setting

I have a couple questions that I can’t seem to clear up anywhere I look… And I tried posting it in the Super Turbo “In The House” thread, but have gotten no response yet (I’m just assuming not too many people check that particular thread.)

These pertain to Anniversary Edition, specifically when attempting to use it as a makeshift ST when roms/superguns/cabinets are unavailable.

Is there a difference in speed/gameplay between setting the game to “Turbo 3” in the options menu, or turning FREE SELECT on in the options menu and choosing “Turbo 3” before every single match?

With that being said, when having to play ST on SF:AE, what is the correct (or the closest possible) “tournament speed” to use? Which “set” Turbo Speed would we use in the options menu, or should we enable Free Select from the options menu and which number do we choose with Free Select?

I appreciate the help guys!


2) speed 3

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wats the speed for japanese arcade ST? is the american one different?

thank you for clearing that up, we had a debate thinking that turbo 3 and free select turbo 3 were different.

delphikiwiggin - the speeds aren’t different, but they had different labels. it used to be US speed 2 = Japan speed 3 I think.

ive been to evo three years in a row, and its been turbo 3 all three times. it even says on the evo website.


"Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo

Game version: Dreamcast
Game Settings: Versus Mode, Turbo 3, 2/3 Rounds, 2/3 Games
Akuma is not allowed in tournament play. "

i dont see any difference between ‘turbo 3’ and ‘free select turbo 3’. i just put ‘turbo 3’ so i dont have to keep selecting the speed every round.

There is no difference in speed between turbo 3 and free select t3. Sometimes I have to convince people that there is no difference when they say its too fast or too slow. Sometimes they leave the game if I don’t leave it at free select, but like gamertron, I don’t want to keep selecting it every match.

Are the speeds the same for the Dreamcast version as the arcade version?

by dreamcast, do they mean the japanese dc version of ST?

There’s only one version of ST on Dreamcast

and yes, turbo 3 on DC is the correct speed

Suppose I could always hook up the DC and just play that version instead. Need to dust off the “Agetec” stick anyways.

thanks for clearing that up. i used to just play the st versions of the characters in AE for ps2. then i started playin it on dc cuz i was told it was the closest to the arcade.

The “correct” speed is 1 above normal. Just view it that way.