What is the CvS2 Definitions?

i was browsing this forum and i read most of the combo stuff but i have no clue what they all mean, so i was hoping someone could post ALL the definitions used for CvS2.

this would help greatly, as i am a combo n00b.

well i dunno all of em…

BnB is bread n butter combos… u just… have to know these combos of the chars u play to actually use em efficiently

JD… just defend… thats when u press back with k-groove…

i guess u know the rest…

xx is cancel into =/

keep 'em coming

how do you do a Cancel Into, i never understood how.
like i said : TOTAL n00b

XX : cancel into,…do one move into another
st.: standing
cr. : crouching
sj: super jump
smjump, sj: small jump

Here these are some of them. qcf=fireball motion, qcb=quarter circle back, hcb=1/2 circle back, hcf=1/2 circle forward, dp=dragon punch motion, rdp=reverse dragon punch, spd=spinning pile driver or 360 degrees. Canceling is doing a move and then before it ends doing another move. RC=roll cancel or canceling a roll into a special move.

read this:


thanks people and big thanks Gunter.

wtf is zoning and turtleing @_@. i’m sure i’ve seen it done but not familiar with the names.

Zoning is keeping someone at the distance you want them to be at, e.g. st. mps from Hibiki alot. Turtling is when you stay in one spot doing only safe things, e.g. waiting till someone jumps in to anti air them only while sitting in one spot often in defensive crouch.