What is the deal with Tatsunoko vs. Capcom?

I mean was there any conclusion to marvel vs. capcom? Before i go out and buy a new game i wanna know who won that last conflict.

And what is the deal with Yatterman-1? Hes got that giant dog mecha, i mean if i were him i would just let that thing do all the fighting for me. And why does he need the “1” in his name i mean…are there any other Yattermen?

And how come some of the characters always need to say the name of the move they are doing as they are doing it? I think its pretty self explanatory if you are already hitting them in the face with it. You know if i was Ryu i would shout “shoryuken!” and then do a low kick…now THAT would throw them off.

And what is the deal with air combos? You hit them in the air and then do a combo…why not just stay on the ground? I mean its not like punches hurt any more in mid-air. What is everyone trying to be superman or something trying to fly and fight at the same time?

Matter of fact whats all the fighting for anyway? Why cant Ryu and Karas get along and munch on chun li’s meat buns?


I mean, come on!

Lol, good stuff.
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Well, there was once a time in a golden era of high-spirited Japanese anime shows where everyone with fighting ability involved in physical conflict would be questioned incessantly about their techniques and style, leading to long, drawn-out monologues regarding their opponent’s style, upbringing and mere existance, as well as introspective analysis of the character’s own ability in comparison to his opponent ect, ect, ect… leading to an eventual trend of characters announcing the name of their attack prior to its execution EVERY single time, in hopes of avoiding said discourse…

…though in reality…

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yes, yatterman-2, his girlfriend

This post made me LOL! :slight_smile:

This man speaks the truth

He has a girlfriend named yatterMAN-2? Wow she must be really interesting to see naked. I guess tatsunoko decided making Yatterman-1 look androgynous didnt cause enough gender confusion so he had to have a yattertransexual girlfriend. Not that theres anything wrong with that, but i mean pick one gender and go with it.

And what is the deal with Ryu? Every game hes wearing that same white karate gi. Is he wearing the exact same one or does he have a closet full of those things?

And what is the deal with tagging in in these games? I mean if i was gonna jump into a fight, jumping from the sky and doing a taunt would be the last thing i would do. Matter of fact where are they jumping from anyways? I mean, are they climbing something off screen?

Please fix the grammar on that. Had to think for half a minute to figure out what you were trying to say; otherwise…

Seinfeld’s act distilled to a perfection and tailored to address issues shared among the VS community. Corny, but admittedly funny. Bravo.


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I’m surprised he didn’t say anything about Viewtiful Joe looking like a midget or something.

magneto won the MvC tournament

I like it before when man refers to both genders. =x

Fucking political correctness.

this is my favorite thread on srk

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