What is the difference between bone and adamantum wolverine?

I don’t know much about the game, I’m curious.

Boneclaw Wolverine also has a decent assist in the form of his gamma/variety one. Basically, you can only block it low, and it comes out fast. It goes under alot of things. If you have the likes of Magneto or Storm, you can do triangle jumps and leave this behind. You CANNOT block on 2 levels simultaneously, so if you time your attack properly, BOTH SHOTS WILL HIT. If you land a hit like this, you’re still point-blank, so they MUST roll, and roll REAL FAST or you get a free combo.

In addition, the Boneclaw Wolverine when he does his dash super to anything is invulnerable till it ends, so if you can find ways around the lengthy startup, you can devastate their assist by supering it, and then DHCing into Storm or Sentinel.

Wolverine metal can dash through you and cause you to eat the likes of drones from behind. I don’t thing boneclaws can do this.

Boneclaw wolvie can do his tornado claw in the air AND on the ground

Boneclaw wolvie can do his divekick at an angle [wolvies is almost straight down]

If I EVER mention Sentinel, I mean Sent-y as per the purposes of this thread.

Teams you can use with Wolverines…
Boneclaw-y, Sent-y, Wolverine [a/b]
Both Wolvies, Gambit-a or Storm-a in the middle
Boneclaw, Storm-a, Cyc-b/Psylocke-a
Bone, Sent-Capcom

Those are some good teams.I just found out a very good combo with bone wolvie and capcom.Here it is:

D.Lp, D.Mp,S.Hk,call capcom and then SJ,A.HK(capcom should hit when u hit them with A.HK) and tornado claw(mash that shit ).

If u do the combo correctly it will do 75 in damage on cable(remember to mash tornado claw)!This combo is pretty damn easy and it’s very fucking strong for a none super combo!

A= air
D= down
S= standing
Lp=light punch
Mp=medium punch
Hk=hard kick

U can kinda do the same combo with cyke AAA, but it’s hard to time right and you’ll get only 65 in damage.Still good tho, since cyke is much better on point then capcom.

BW can combo from his d+ HP into beserker barrage whereas adamantium wolverine can’t. BW has the weapon X glitch mentioned below. BW can also combo after his drill claw( in the corner) after an aircombo. Then there’s stamina/damage differences, and wolverine has more supers - speed up and Fatal claw.
BW can also mash his Hp throw for way more damage.

EDIT - I meant BW can mash for more damage from his throw than metal wolverine. Could be wrong, don’t play metal wolv.

Adamantium wolvie can mash for more damage as well.