What is the difference between KKK and hard kick, also PPP vs hard punch


Apologies in advance for this question but the only 2D fighter I ever got into was Street Fighter 2.

I am now trying out Capcom v SNK 2 and I don’t know what the difference between KKK, HK, PPP and HP is.
When I execute a KKK or HK with Ryu the attack looks the same. Same with PPP vs HP.

Are they only different when performing combos or special moves?


Hitting KKK and PPP means hitting all punch or kick strengths at once.
The reason why the heavy versions of these moves come out is because of the priority system. If you hit two buttons at once, the higher strength attack comes out.

In newer SF games there’s a lot of moves that need those 3 punch/3 kick inputs, so that’s what it’s good for. You can also use it as a single button to get ex moves with them.

And no need to apologize. This forum section is meant for questions.


Vandelay Industries comes to the rescue. Thanks :slight_smile: