What is the difference between X360 and Ps3


I ask this because every time I go to a tournament which is played on X360 over here, I play on PS3 but I have got a converter controller pro http://www.discoverybuying.com/product/XB360-0483_PS2-PS2_to_Xbox360_Converter_Pro_(Silver)/16343.html works ok but i seem to always drop my combo I can never complete doom combo or even simple character like taskmaster. This is the reason why I never went to any street fighter tournament and show the world how to play vega… joking :stuck_out_tongue:

From an observational point of view I think the ps3 system is faster because I have to slow my combo down on xbox.
I suppose my question is, what is the difference between the systems or is it the converter.


Well… You asked.


I think you’re right because on PS3, I have to speed up my combos ><. I helped put together a little video game tournament in my school and we had UMVC on PS3 and 36O and the kid I was bodying on my 360 was bodying me on his PS3 (until I made lvl3 XF comeback --)


Latency, lag, and frame rate issues while the games are played in a offline state. GG…stay free PS3.
I’m not a Play Station hater per say, because I grew up in part on PS1 and 2, but Microsoft showed me the light. My CS major doesn’t help my bias either.
I think that the only reason EVO uses PS3’s is that Sony was present at EVO this year and they maybe sponsored by them in part? (not sure about the second part) Sometimes I really wish I had one so I can play God of War though.

PSN+ announced at E3. Maybe the overall production of the system will improve now or in the next gen of consoles.


There’s input delay on PS3 if I’m not mistaken. Then again there could potentially be issues with the converters, so the only way I think we could figure it out is if we compare the performance of a range of converters.

(On a side note, I think I know you- I came winner stays on a few months ago and I used a PS2 pad converter, you tried it out in a set against Cheech haha)


its really annoying, in combos I can land the 100% on the ps3 but I notice when theres a difference when I buffer moves on the xbox


All major tournaments are done on Xbox because the PS3 has latency/lag problems. EVO is the only exception because Sony sponsors the tournament.


Ps3 is free hence psfree
Xbox 360 is sex hence sexbox 360
I hope I answered your question good sir



2 extra frames of input lag inherent in the USB ports.

V-Sync giving it less screen tearing but as a result suffers from a lower frame rate.

MT Framework games on PS3 typically have lower quality textures and lack Anti Aliasing.


360 = Screen tearing, a little slowdown
PS3 = Input lag, choppy frame rate


ps3 has 2 more frames of input lag in usb ports, not sure if xbox has that issue,

Also converters from what I know have delays so that might be the why.

The reason I’m guessing evo used ps3’s is because sony is paying off the systems and whatnot, and MS doesn’t really do that sadly


Sony didn’t pay anyone at EVO shit. Mr. wizard himself said on WSRK they have a fuck ton of PS3s and don’t want to have to buy all those 360s and games. stop spreading lies.