WHat is the easiest PS1 pad to hack?

I know to look out for the dual shock ones, I need a single ground. I am buying off Ebay so I am trying to get on that isnt such a ball breaker.

From my experience the PSOne DS’s, as in the white ones that came with the smaller white Playstation. H series. Very large contact points.

definitely not the solderless hack! fuck that pcb. :annoy:

I dont mind soldering.

use the PS1 H. (with NO joysticks) and just solder right to the copper nodes. (you don’t need to scape any black stuff off the PCB) and you don’t need to go to ebay, you can get um from any used game store (not gamestop, they don’t touch ps1)

Any PS1 without thumbsticks is good for me. Some have larger points to solder to but they are all pretty easy. I agree with Monte about the solderless hack. I haven’t touched that one in a long time.

Big Pockets is a JoyStick Jedi.

Im not sure I have any other stores besides Gamestop/EB. I would have to call around. Still, got the info I needed.