What is the FLASHIEST (most visually impressive) piece of match video you have seen?

For each character, which is the most flashiest piece of action you have seen? This excludes combo videos. The most exciting videos are those in real high level play.
Let’s collect 20 videos, 1 for each character that has the most flashy play (most impressive visually) that anyone has seen. I will put up the ones that I have seen own. But cannot post the actual link to that video if it is from SBO, but I can post how and what to search for in youtube…

Makoto - The KSK Ranbat (this year or last year)
Where Boss (Makoto) owned OJA (Yun). In the second round, dude tried to jump up and got slammed into the ground. Perfect.

Yun - Maeda (Yun) beasting on Pyrolee (Yun)
Maeda finished it off with a crazy Genei Jin. Probably as flashy as Yun can get. It looked like the finale of some anime or kung fu movie. On youtube, valueblock’s account has a HD version of this video.

Urien - Probably one of those RX videos. I have seen some pretty flashy finishes by RX, when he was comfortable, he just showed off with those anti air fireballs. Someone find those videos.

Ken - DAIIIIGGGGOOO PARRY (lol joking) I would think something from Kashi since he has such an aggressive Ken. Exactly which video I don’t know, please suggest the flashiest Ken action ever seen ( in a match ) because there are so many Ken players in SF3.

Makoto - [media=youtube]Bxke7BGgMow[/media]

Hugo - [media=youtube]qNPs6U6mNEw]YSB vs. Pierrot / [url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FwP6yD72WQA[/media]

Ryu - [media=youtube]S0-w_ypg04Q[/media]

Ken/Yun - [media=youtube]ad_0lfWpjBk[/media]

Necro - [media=youtube]yajB0a9G7F8[/media]

Urien - [media=youtube]cZ-6kz5LyiI[/media]

Oro - [media=youtube]LNaaE5B0esk[/media]

Akuma - [media=youtube]RCwpps4CvwY[/media]

Chun-Li - [media=youtube]3IYtMDkpyxU[/media]

Pretty obvious stuff mostly.

yea i never seen a ken as good as INO’s this guy has so much 3s IQ.

Dudley&Urien- http://ca.youtube.com/watch?v=fsgZbL6Abb0
This always brings a tear to my eye :sad:

^Messatsu brings the hype.

Every video of JR Rodriguez and Thanatos.

Makoto - J’s double pefect on Kokujin

Ibuki - Aruka OCV in SBO4

Ken - Kashi vs. Matsuken KSK ranbat

Akuma - Uraken in a 5-man co-op video

Urien - Anytime RX is on his A game

Yang - KO vs. Boss KSK Ranbat last month

Q - Wataryu (MA) vs Kuroda (Q) - [media=youtube]oV7_gPTWN38[/media]

This is BisonSFIV, my account got banned for some stupid thing in the SF4 forums.
I said flashiest piece of match video, not ENTIRE MATCHES OR SET OF MATCHES.

For Makoto, I put the second round of Boss VS OJA. Watch it, Makoto just goes rampage and owns Yun in around 10 seconds. That is the flashiest Makoto.

And for Yun, the combo where Tackle Maeda did a crazy ‘Maeda Jun’ SA3 to finish the match was the best Yun picture.

As for the ‘parry feast’, that is not really a CHARACTER based flashy video. If you look at the Makoto and Yun videos I pointed out, only Yun and Makoto can do those combos/attack strings. Any character can do the Messatsu parry situation. And yeah the Kuoda VS Ino matches were great, but I am talking about flashy… just FLASHY. There weren’t really any flashy stuff there except for one or two of those Gouki juggles.

I am talking about flashy PLAYS.
ESPECIALLY FLASHY PLAYS, if you post a whole match video… point out which SECTION of play is flashy, like for Maeda’s Yun, the video in valueblock’s youtube account doesn’t show the whole match, just that juicy bit.
To see this video, go to youtube and search ‘valueblock maeda unleashed’.
And for the Makoto video, it is a special case because Boss just goes gun ho and owns OJA with a perfect in the ROUND 2.

LOL get ready to be banned again buddy!

To add to the thread, KO’s Makoto against Ruu was one of the flashiest things I’ve ever seen, just because it was such a perfect usage of SA3.

After seeing this match I think I must agree that it is the most visually impressive I seen. But not the entire match, only the last SECTION of the match, with Messatsu going all out attack. Urien moved so quickly and surprisingly that it owned Fujiwara’s Dudley.
But I wouldn’t say that it is the best Dudley rampage I have seen.

My failed comeback vs kofiend

red parry chun’s sa2 to kara palms to ko ender

was amazing

but i lost.

thats wild shodo do you play 2df.com or whatever im lost when it comes to that shit.

I said flashy SECTIONS of matches, not entire matches.
If you post a whole match video or claim a whole team OCV, point out which SECTION (section referring to 10 seconds or so) of gameplay is the juicy bit.

Visit my youtube channel for:




Makoto - [media=youtube]zHekgEGfwUw[/media]

Yang - [media=youtube]8k66nfbRQRY[/media]

Ken - [media=youtube]ujU5wxCLpbI[/media]

Urien - [media=youtube]DfzTGW9fF30[/media]

Yun - (cannot post link, but it is in my youtube channel)

Makoto is Boss’s 10-11 seconds of beastage on OJA’s Yun. OJA turned on Genei Jin and Boss just starts beasting. Dude tried to jump up but Makoto axed him.

Yang is a section of KO’s Yang VS Ino’s Ken.

Ken is … just watch it. I can’t say which Ken is better in this mirror match, but the two of them was needed to make it the flashiest Ken play. Corner double shoryu, Shoryu cancel into SA3 for chip damage… red parried into combo, EX shoryu to pass thru EX hadouken…

Urien is a section of Messatsu VS Fujiwara. Urien just goes rushdown sfisaofjosj EX fireball aegis sfse EX charge butt head butt tackle sfjsoif jsfjs

Yun. The famous combo exhibition video done in a real match in SBO. It looked like an anime or kung fu movie or something.

Some of these “FLASHIEST SERIES” were from videos that people mentioned, like the Ken one, Kashi VS Matsuken, suggested by Shungokustasu. And the Urien one, suggested by COMMONSENSE.

If you have flashy play that is available on video that you think is more flashy than the ones already published. You can post here and challenge.
Otherwise, you can bring up videos for other characters. I am looking for a Hugo video, probably Hayao or YSB where Hugo started rushing down, and they couldn’t escape. Dude thought he landed safe and far away enough but got rushed by EX QCF + K

yang match, urien matdh do not belong.

alot of RX’s matches were MUCH more beastly

and that was a really normal yang match… if he has meter he gets stun off 2 EX’s nothing special.

the first round of rx vs ko in that ryu vs dud vid was pretty funny

In terms of parrying there was a trailer for Toronto Tourney way back in 02 called Summer’s End.
There was a match in which Gouki red parried high and low Necro’s electric storm. I have yet to see something come close to that.

Yes RX’s matches were beastly but it was just the regular unblockables, I know there are creative and flashy ones, but can you point out which ones? I can’t find all of them and look through them all.

That Ryu (RX) VS Dudley (KO) first round was flashy… all them parries. Thing is, I don’t know if it is Dudley flashiness or Ryu flashiness. It does show the strengths and Donkey Kick combos of Ryu, but he isn’t beasting non-stop, keeps on getting countered by Dudley’s EX Uppercut.

And for Dudley, there are more flashy videos out there, with Fujiwara and Kokujin.

someone get the fujiwara four lp machine gun juggle video.