What is the funnest engineering professions?

Im interested in a career in engineering. I just wish my dumbass would’ve thought about this a few years ago. There are many engineering professions that Ive read about but a handful seem boring to do. Are there any experienced engineers on here that have an opinion on whats a good engineering job to get into?

I was a mech e major for 2 years…and then transferred out lol. It turns out that I liked the idea of engineering more than the actual coursework/labwork once I got into some upper division courses. Now I’m an econ major but I still have an interest in technology and its effects on society.

But enough personal stuff, best advice I could give you is look at some upper division coursework and see if it’s really something you wanna slog through for 4+ years. Then find someone working in the field(s) you’re interested in and shadow them for a day. I’m sure it’s been drilled into your head already but engineering is hard, probably the hardest group of majors (even moreso than physics). I can’t tell you what you like but if you are more into problem solving and working with your hands I would suggest civil, mech, or aerospace. If you are more theoretically minded then look into materials, electrical, or chemical.

The good news is that if you love it and get the degree then you have good pay and some of the best job security possible. Many companies will actually pay you to attend grad school or intern.

I graduated with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering two months ago so I’m not really ‘experienced’. From what I saw at college at least computer engineering seemed the most fun. They were more involved with hardware and coding as opposed to my major where it goes into circuits, signals/systems, electromagnetic theory, etc.

As far as work wise, it really depends in where you end up and what company and what you do in the company. School wise, engineering is just physics and math. Found out what companies recruit at your school. If you narrow your pick down, I can give you some input as far as I know.

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Theory Sucks

The one where you can apply yourself on paper and on the actual object. for example, engineers who work with vehicles and try and make a more efficient engine, or a better suspension, etc, and you get to play with the real thing. Working in a cubilce sounds fucking lame.

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Petroleum Engineers can get out and about.
Control Theory is the door to a great many thing.
Robotics and Control is a degree where I finished school (I essentially got it for my M.S.), and there can be a lot of hands on “real world” experience. For instance, we have people working in Marine Biology, designing and running efficient robots to map the Monterey Bay.

Most Engineers work in the equivalent of a cubicle tapping away on a keyboard and/or writing down stuff on paper, but the difference between feeling oppressed and intellectually free is whether you enjoy doing it. The difference between your boss telling you what to do and you deciding everything you’re doing. The higher a degree you get, the more freedom you are allowed, or perhaps the more freedom you require.

I work in Aeronautical Engineering as a Comp Sci and Comp Engr major. I do research with NASA AMES. Yea that sounds awesome, but most of the time it’s tedious details. In fact, 99% of Engineering is tedious details, but the reason we do it is because we’re motivated (and well paid) to get the product done well.
Oh part of the 99% is meetings, and power points for said meetings.

Wait, working in a cubicle is bad… Well how about dealing with customers, such as just about every service job? If you’re a plumber, you’re dealing with people’s shit. If you work at a Home Depot, or something, you’re dealing with endless questions about where is the thing I need? As a contractor you’ll deal with some crazy people’s insatiable desire to perfect everything that doesn’t need to be perfected… I worked at Kinkos. Fuck that.

If you are simply in a cubicle and you have no part in actual manufacturing of said object its sounds pretty bad. Part of the attraction of engineering IMO is being able to work with your hands after you crunch out the numbers. Its the best of both worlds IMO, and what makes it look like fun. But I also understand that you need more than a Bachelors to do that.

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Engineering doesn’t = research. Really if you want to end up in research you need to go to graduate school. Wasn’t till late in my engineering schooling I found that out.

Be honest most engineering jobs are just grunt work that requires to much math for the layman. You just get paid more because you have the responsibility to have that stuff 100% correct.

Go into petroleum engineering it’s the highest paid and imo isn’t the hardest. There’s a big market for petro’s also.