What is the fuss over Vewlix layout/cabinets?


More and more I see stick manufacturers trying to replicate part of the Vewlix layout in their sticks, why is there so much fuss over these cabinets/layouts? is it because they are used for SFIV in the arcades or is it something about the layout, e.g. ergonomics, that makes it superior to other layouts?


I like it because it’s ergonomic like the Japanese layouts, but it’s not “too Japanese” where it makes games like MvC2 feel awkward. It’s extra hard to do slide method, for example, with a traditional Japanese layout.


It’s what’s popular, new, and in-style, so to speak. A lot of people still swear by the Sega layouts, too.

However, I think it has to do with marketability, and the fact that it’s adaptable. The first six buttons are “Japanese style,” while using the last six is considered “American style,” and the top four buttons are “SNK/Neo-Geo style”

But being used for Street Fighter (And also other popular, new games, such as BlazBlue, KOF XIII, etc.) in arcades is definitely a big one, too. Having the “authentic arcade experience in your own home” is what the market is centered at, so they’re going to replicate whatever is in the arcade at the time.


Seriously… look at the cabinet, and tell me you wouldnt want one at home ?
They are modern, with a feel of candy with the shiny plastic bits on the sides, but use HD monitors and class up the arcade they are in.

As for layout, Nerrage is always right, the same cabinet can be used for a wide array of games and control configurations.

Yea, i’m bragging, mines a clone, but it will take the legit panel… just gotta save up…


well said


Thanks, that’s given me a lot to think about.

Yeah, I reckon I would. Although, the wife would probably kill me if I cluttered our flat with any more than it already is.


The only gripe I have with vewlix setup is the inability to tate the screen…there are some nice delta ones that can tilt and turn the screen on the rear axis at the expense of a smaller screen I think…those are the ones I like, but prohibitory expensive if shipped from Japan I think.


i still swear by sega player 2 layout lol.


Agree. I love the Vewlix and the Hori VLX but I wish someone would go a 2 player Astro layout like for the Saturn.


I am going to make my new joystick. spacily for kof 2002, kof 98, kof xiii …and i only play kof serise. now what will be the best layout? Vewlix OR saga?

NOW i useing rainbo layout-



May never happen, but yeah, I would buy that one easily.


Saga? You mean Sega right, if thats the case there is like 3 different Sega Layouts.

Do this, get out a clean piece of white paper, at least 8.5 by 11 inches. Place your right hand on the paper and mark where your finger tips lie. Next place your left hand down and make a mark for approx approximately where the center of your left hand is. That gives you what your natural layout would be.
Now head to slag coin, print out there layouts. Compare the Layouts from Slag Coin with various layouts.

Congrats you now find the layout that is best for you, happy modding.


oh, and do it in that order ^^^^^^

I tended to match my fingers to the layout i was comparing it too, instead of using my “natural” resting hand position…

Make your own template - compare to slag coins and pick a winner… ggpo


Just to add… when you are figuring out where your fingertips lie make sure you place your hand in the position you use it when playing. Most people don’t play with their hand flat on the control panel, especially if they use multiple rows of buttons. Most people bend their fingers like they do when they type and this will alter the location of your fingertips relative to each other… Also if you are building a custom panel you don’t have to go to slagcoin for layouts. Just mark and drill where your fingertips are… Make the controller fit your hand, not the other way around!


I recommended Slag Coin’s layouts instead of a make your own as you still have to factor out correct spacing to allow each button to be installed with room for the next button.
Two button holes to close together in plexy will crack the material, metal, wood and plastic will have issues with strength as well if the button holes are too close.

I am not saying go blindly forcing yourself into whatever layout, but you want to take time to make sure your buttons are properly spaced and the layout does not look like you just randomly place holes in the material you are working on. You can always fudge a existing layout to better fit your needs.


i don’t like 6 button layouts.i like 4 button layout.and i am very serious about kof…specially 2002 and xiii. and I like to use button LIKE…


i use my fingertips for buttons and use thumb on A, index on B, middle on C, ring on D and pinky on Rest.


[quote=“BANGLADESH, post:16, topic:129246”]

i don’t like 6 button layouts.i like 4 button layout.and i am very serious about kof…specially 2002 and xiii. and I like to use button LIKE…


i use my fingertips for buttons and use thumb on A, index on B, middle on C, ring on D and pinky on Rest.



and confused about start button place :(…what is the perfect place for start button?


and thinking about

which one will be the best choice for very appropriate, quick, comfortable, and speedy play?

and i odder …

  1. 2 x Sanwa JLF-TP-8YT Joysticks
  2. 2 x JLF-H 5 Pin Cables
  3. 12 x Sanwa OBSF-30 Buttons In White
  4. 2 x Sanwa OBSF-24 Buttons In White
  5. 2 x LB-35 Balltop Handles In White
  6. 2 x GT-Y 8 Way Octagonal Restrictor Plates

isn’t Octagonal Restrictor is good for kof? or 4way?


Is the Namco Noir layout more ergonomic than the Vewlix?


It certainly is to me, when dealing with more than 6 buttons. If I buy a sega or noir 8-button stick, I will usually leave it 8 buttons. But if it is Vewlix layout, I plug the last two, because it is uncomfortable on the old pinky.