What is the HDR "shaking" thing and what happened to MvC2 Duc Do?


I was listening to the Evo games announcement SRK podcast and heard Mr Wizard say something about a “shaking” problem in Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix and how 4:3 mode was worse than 16:9. What is Wizard talking about? Does it mean the whole screen shakes?

Also I never found out what happened to Duc Do, that awesome guy who owned everyone with Spiral in MvC2 at Evo2k5 (damn I wish I could get ahold of Evo2k5…Duc Do in Mvc2, Gian’s Dhalsim in ST…wow). Anyway whatever happened to Duc Do? The last I saw of him he faced Sanford in that grudge Match at Evo2k6.

Also why doesn’t anyone play Spiral anymore in MvC2?



never forget


Duc’s still around. If you check preppy’s site you can see a video of him going against sanford again at Evo last year.

desi why does it look like sakura come into the last frame of your av?


The screen “bounces” in ST when bodies hit the floor and stuff. The effect is different feeling on 16:9 because the camera is different. As it happens, they actually made the effect lower on widescreen in HD Remix. The screen also moves a bit when people jump, but that happens in SFIV as well (turn the dummy to jump in training mode on widescreen and see how long you can watch without doing anything until you puke-actually don’t, because you’re probably risking an epileptic seizure)


Yeah, now that I think about it the screen does bounce in ST. I love the bouncing/shaking effect when Ken does his towards+rounhouse throw. And Duc is still going, nice! Thanks for the information.