What is the health of your Street Fighter IV SE FightStick? (Please vote honestly)


Well MadCatz say they have very few cases of people with broken sticks (less than 50 at the time of the 1UP article). I was curious if this is holding true. Is this the usual BS line PR people are trained to give or are they for real? It’s pretty obvious what the reality is but let’s give everybody a fair shake.

So here an informal poll. It’s pretty simple, vote either “Broken” or “Not Broken.” Be honest.


Medium Kick is definitely letting me down during fights, and I’d swear the stick is less accurate. To be blunt, I would have expected better of a piece of hardware that I paid 70 for.

But by the terms of the poll, it is “not broken”.


Mine is not broken at all. I am pretty sure MadCatz meant to to say way less than 50% during that interview and not way less than 50.


Mine is not broken, knocks on wood repeatedly but I do get the occassional sticking button, but that’s moreso about the parts rather than the actual full hardware. It’s a pretty good arcade stick, but I still think I should have invested in the TE, for a couple of extra moneys.


They’re both in such limited supply though I guess I can’t blame Madcatz for that.


this isnt a good poll. it should also have an option for “not working quite right” or something like that.


…Maybe one for “it’s broken, but I’m fixing it myself, so Madcatz will never have to fix it under warranty and thus it’ll never made it into the official figures”., too…


i wouldnt exactly say mine is broken… but definitely the madcatz joystick is defective on mine, within the first 5 minutes of use…

the connectors are responding quite well, with the sanwa joystick and buttons i put in it (8-9 hours of gameply on it and counting, its solid)… so ill live with that for now…


I glued the washer down before I used it and it has been flawless for a week now. I have a Sanwa joystick and buttons on the way.


Stick felt funky (kinda grindy? I’m sure I had the washer issue) after one game and the roundhouse button was starting to stick within the first 6 games. And I’m not rough on my gear!!

I got it exchanged for another SE figuring I’d hold out and exchange it later for a TE, but I like the look and feel of the stick and will be modding it and keeping it. Wish Madcatz would save me $20 and sell the case and PCB and keep their crap ass buttons and factory broken stick.

I’ll still vote broken, for $80 better performance is expected. My cheap ass but functional Hori Fighting Stick EX is still holding up after several years. My slightly better Hori Tekken 5 is almost bulletproof feeling. Both totallt stock, no mods, no repairs. And they practically cost me less than $80 COMBINED, as I got the T5 stick on a deep clearance.


broken, down directional was not working. I mailed it back to madcatz to have it fixed on feb 25th. I have no clue when I’m getting it back:(


I did the washer fix first thing - the washer was definitely loose (coming up on a side when the stick was pushed). It hadn’t popped out of the groove yet, but it was loose. I glued it down and have put maybe 15 hours into it with no problems.


I bought 2 from Frys one seems to work okay the other is broken.

Wondering if i should open the not so broken one and super glue the washer.

Ive got Sanwa stick coming for 1 of them.


Crappy poll is crappy. My stick is working fine AFTER i glued the washer, so I can’t vote “honestly”.

Even so, you’ve just put the options as “perfect” and “utter trash”, which tbh are wortless in any situation.


Yeah, good point. Poll kind of sucks.


Mine broke after only two days of use. I have new parts coming in but they are going to be awhile.


The washer in question reportedly has a rough side and a smooth side. The rough side should be installed facing away from the PCB and keep the washer in place. The sticks on which the washer pops out, it was supposed to be due to the washer being installed upside down. This seems to correspond with the near 50% defective rate being seen on this poll so far. Way to go MadCatz in employing uneducated assembly line workers who do not understand the instructions given to them by the stick blueprint.

My stick has not exhibited any behavior of the washer having come out of the groove after extended play, so apparently the washer inside was put in the right way. If I were you, I’d not open the one stick you have that works before the 90 days of warranty are up, because it too likely has the washer in the right way. Does anyone else here have an experience that contradicts this advice (i.e., the washer stayed put for several days before deciding to finally pop out, instead of showing the symptoms after relatively light use).


You need to have an option like

Working but breaking down. Mine was perfect but after use the buttons are sticking and the stick is less responsive. THis is due to cheap parts put in the stick.


I posted this in another thread, but I’m just trying to help people out and save someone some frustration. Here’s a step-by-step to fixing this issue, worked perfectly for me.


since the choices of the poll were so limited, i went with “Not Broken – My SFIV SE FightStick is the text-book definition of quality. MadCatz is king.”

it’s not broken, but it’s not perfect either. my HP and HK are starting to stick. but it’s still playable.