What is the key to not WHIFFING j.S during midscreen loop?



Just started Doom, I’m pretty good with execution and whatnot. I just wanna know the trick to hitting j.S during the midscreen footdive loop

example combo: mhs, sj.m, dj,m, f.h, j.s, add m or h, you know the rest… just need help with that f.H, j.S part

Just simply need to know how to make it consistent. Sometimes I hit it and other times it whiffs.


You want to hit the first j.M (2 hits) as early as possible and the second j.M (2 hits) as late as possible.

Also in your notation you said dj.m (doublejump) when theres no double jumping or air dashing involved in the j.M part.


Ohhh so that’s where I went went wrong. Like I said I’m new to Doom so I always thought he did sj.M, dj.M… at least that’s how looks… thanks though bro. back to the lab


Doom doesn’t have a double jump, FYI


yeah, he really doesn’t.

It’s j.M as soona s possible > wait > j.M till you’re above them > FootFootdive