What is the learning curve of this game like?


This is sort of off topic, but since I’m new, what’s the learning curve like in this game? How long did it take you to get at least decent?

My local mall holds tournaments for this game every Saturday, and you get free store credit at the store it’s at if you get in the top 3, and there’s a mix of people there. (really good and really bad) but I don’t think I’ve seen any complete pros. How long will it take me to actually get good? I’ve been playing for a couple weeks, and so far the only real combos I can pull off is probably magic series and then mmhs in the air, and I can only get to about mission 6-7 on each character. I don’t know what that’s considered, but I’m prepared to get my ass kicked this and every saturday.


Marvel 3 was my first serious fighting game, and it took me at least half a year before I really started to understand the game. If you’ve got some history with 2D fighters, it should take a lot shorter than that.


Learning the game is easy but when you start knowing what you’re doing, that’s when I think the learning curve gets harder. Its kind of reverse but it’ll make sense once you get better. Just stick to it and keep grinding it out. It’s good that you have a local scene you can attend to get better. Just measure yourself from the better players and you’ll see that your training payed off.


There are a ton of cheating scrub friendly, brain dead tactics in this game. If you learn them and abuse them you can win games and reach the stage of being “decent” very quickly. And it might be enough to win your mall’s tourney depending on how strong the competition there is.

But yeah for you to be able to beat those who know what they are doing takes a long, long time.


It’s easy to be a scrub, but it’s hard to beat good players. If that makes any sense.


I think what people are saying is the difficulty is an exponential curve. It starts out really easy, then gets really hard.


“Easy to pick up, hard to master”



Yeah the game is easy to pick up and Xcopy some ok team and gogogo. The problem is the game allows for so many options and potential matchup scenarios that to stay consistent in it you’re going to have to get pretty religious with the game. The sandbox and abstracts revolving the game is what makes it difficult and why there aren’t as many tutorials for it as a less chaotic fighting game.

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