What is the logic behind getting out of dizzy?

so when i am dizzied, what is the best way to mash out of it?
is it directions + buttons? or is it just buttons?
and how many inputs does the game have to register before i am undizzied?
is it the same with all characters? or do some characters have to “mash” more?

The number of times that you move the stick around, crossing the neutral position, along with the speed that you press the buttons, determines the speed out dizzy recovery.

People who are using turbo can get out really fast, so that’s a good indicator if you run into one, lol.

That’s not always true. Im usually able to mash out of a dizzy in less than 1.5 seconds easily. Basically if you aren’t already hitting me by the time Im waking up off the dizzy, I’m already undizzied.

waggle the jostick as fast as you can diagonally and mash buttons. Just practice in training, you dont want to be mashing when you come out of the dizzy and eat a combo anyway.

Button inputs do less to help you shake you out of a dizzy than movement inputs do… but with a pad it is difficult to pass through neutral multiple times if even once… try using the analog stick to shake out of dizzies if you are using a pad… and use the instructions other people posted…

Dizzies are easy to shake out of(with an arcade stick or analog stick whatever one you choose to use), and I think inputs required are random…

ahhh i see, so i have to cross Neutral position. i guess going around in circles is a bad idea.

im just asking so all the people i dizzy have a chance of me not perfecting them.

what about fightpads?

be nice if people would say what game theyre referring to. i know in ST the best method is to shake the stick diagonally and mash the buttons.

^ In these times, its usually best to just assume SFIV.

There is no logic per se behind the dizzy mechanic. It ‘rewards’ a player who’s usually already dominating - pointless - or punishes another for his opponents’ random hits.
The combo count continuing post dizzy is asinine as well. What sort of ‘combination’ has a pause in the middle?! :wtf: It’s almost as dumb as ‘kill combos’ in shooters/hack n’ slash games!

About the only purpose dizzying serves is to confirm how little originality gamers of today have (ie. Lv3 FA…) and how rodent-like their gameplay is - two facts that are widely know and accepted anyway.

So doing 360s will pretty much do nothing, or is that just for ST?

and then you get hit by an unblockable FA and take even more dmg than you would if you had not gotten out of the dizzy lol.

yea if there is no way avoiding a lvl 3 FA just sit and watch scaled combo is better then a whole new one

I put it in practice a couple weeks back and with turbo, mashing buttons and mashing stick I could get out of it in pretty much the exact same amount of time (give or take half a second).

If you can dizzy out so that their level 3 focus will reset the combo that means any move with invincibility will get you out (ie shoryuken).