What is the meaning of the 4 symbols

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i have a question about the ultra Raging Dragon Move.

When you execute the command for the combo -> the 3d Scene is displayed and Akuma say anyone. 4 symbols are display and Akuma finish the combo.

My Question is, what are the meaning of the symbols, because i want to create a custom mod and would like to use the symbols.

Here a video


thx for help

Has anyone a HD picture of the 4 symbols?



I’m not sure about the four before the demon happens, but I know the last one means sky, or heaven. My roommate’s girlfriend told me haha. Funny story actually, while they were cuddling or whatever they were watching me play SF4, and I landed a raging demon:
GF: ehh… why does that say ‘sky’?
Me: How do you know that?
GF: Uh, I’m asian? Duh.
Me: x_x

isshun sengeki??? - “One instant, thousand strikes”

I think this was one the Gouki wikipedia page as well, but it looks like it was removed.

Cuz although “3 seconds, 27 strikes” may be more accurate, it doesn’t sound as cool.

You’re referring to the kanji on his back (?), pronounced ten, but there’s was also some talk about whether it initially was the kanji yo-u ?, which contextually makes more sense since it means “early death.” In the Alpha/CvS series, as well as gouki’s personal action #7, you’ll see this kanji: metsu ? which means destruction, but can also mean a kind of sacrifice and is a very popular kanji amongst those who study or value Budo in Japan.


…and it is Gouki who’s saying it (as opposed to being the “name” of the move). Perhaps he likes to overstate his powers to “deh victims.”

thx for answer.

It is possible that i can write the symbols with any font ? maybe japan?

hehe rofl :slight_smile:

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Evil Ryu had the symbol too when he finished with the demon

It would be awesome if as a joke, in the US version, the symbols got changed to represent something like:

Daigo can’t beat me.


I like oatmeal cookies.

Kind of hard (read: impossible) to do in 4 chars for both, because the grammar constructs and words don’t do a 1:1 translation.

And here I thought it said “I WANT SAUSAGES!”.

Holy shit. It didn’t make any damn sense as heaven, I like this better.

I personally think so, but with the Japanese Shinto/Buddhist culture the other also kinds of make sense.

It’s apparently common folklore that individuals that exist on a higher spritual plane often have the kanji ? appear on their forehead as a mark of their higher existence and access/ability to the divine and it’s power.

My conjecture would be that because the kanji “burns” on his back, rather than his head would be an indicator that he does in fact have some sort of “divine” power, but it’s a power that the nerds amongst us would refer to as, “the dark side (BOOGABOOGABOOGA!)”

Capcom has officially stated though that the Kanji is ? and not ?, so while it originally may have been the later, I think as far as “in-Universe canon” is concerned the second interpration I have posited would be a more accurate guess as to the contextual meaning of the kanji.

Well hasn’t Gouki found the hidden power at the opposite end of the spectrum as Gouken? If that is the case, then I would imagine that it’s rather divine in a sense.

Yes. That would be an accurate assement. Though we don’t know if Gouken’s ?? (power/technique of nothingness/void) is truly divine or if it follows the more Zen Buddhist kinds of metaphysics where through the emptying of the self, the self if filled.

Probably a bit more in the Eastern Philosophy/Metaphysics than street fighter, but its interesting to guess.

As fare as the kenji goes i always thought it ment die 1000 deaths (yes i had the english voice on)…o well live and learn.

On the gouken and akuma thing miz talked of… one night after a few beers with a few buds who play SF4 as well, we came to the idea that akuma and gouken are like ying and yang as they are brothers…

one is the apitamy of force and violence/chaos - akuma
the other is the imbodyment of nothingness and peace/serenity - gouken

this might of just been a drunken moment but at the time we thought we had the explination down and were so enlightend afterwards and desided to have a few more beers to celebrate are momentus thesis :rofl:

you guys are over-analyzing this…

As i said mine was a drunken thesis…thats my excuse DAMB IT!

From left to right:

“You” “Are” “So” “Fucked”

dosent the japanese read right to left, going down though?

Traditionally, yes, but you can get left to right publications if your so inclined.