What is the most balanced game?

What is it? Is there a game more balanced than HF? SF1 doesn’t count.

Talking in general or fighting games?

Most “balanced” fighting game is GGACx2 imo. Every character is viable

Fighting games

super turbo.

not this hdr bullshit, but the original super turbo.

Hyper Fighting and Xmen vs street fighter

but make one mistake in one of those games or make an unforced error and you are pretty much dead. they’re ballanced cause they’re corny.

SSF4 hands down.

Nice troll post.

Anyone with half a brain calling a game that’s only been out a few months the “most balanced” is straight up embarrassing themselves.

Super Turbo is no where near the most balanced game sorry.

And HDR is more balanced than ST, it’s just less fun to a lot of people.

Karate Champ.

But balanced does not always equal fun.

Rise of the Robots.

Player 1 can only be one shitty character and Player 2 has a choice of a few shitty characters. All equally as shitty as each other. Now that’s balance.


Virtua Fighter 5 has amazing Balance. Tekken 6 is not too shappy either. from 2d fighters i would say GGAC


Street Fighter I

Tekken 6 seems pretty well balanced to me. I’ve seen interview with Korean players who say that the better player might not always win in Tekken 6 though which makes some of them not like it as much.

Hmmm. I guess Mortal Kombat since every character is exactly the same.

That sounds like a john

youd think so, but somehow that game is filled with infinites.

one day there will be a mk game thats actually worth playing… we can hope…

^ ^ ^

Here you go. http://shoryuken.com/showthread.php?t=239262

x2 on the GGACx2