What is the most common hit confirm method?

I thought it was sound but I’m having a debate and I’d like to have srk’s thoughts on this one. I’ve heard people mention using score as a way to hit confirm but I don’t entirely understand how that works.

So between sound, visuals, and whatever I neglected to mention which is the most common method?

The score increases when you land a hit. A whiff gives nothing so if you see the numbers change, xx super. I don’t do that. It’s also near impossible to use sound at most arcades since either the speakers don’t work, or the other games are so loud that you can’t hear 3S or just barely so.

I use visuals; a combination of distance and the way the other sprite reacts when I hit (reel animation, standing or crouch, etc.), or what they were doing before they were hit.

Some people also look to look at the health.

I personally use sound, luckily it’s easy to hear the machine at my local arcade.

I look for the nice little burst that signals a hit. Never even thought of doing it any other way; guess I’m not very creative. :lol:

Well it depends on which hitconfirm you’re talking about, since there are tons of 'em.
Any chain/low shorts kind of hitconfirm can be easily detected by visual cues alone (it’s clear if you are hitting them or not, plenty of time to see both hitstun reel animation and hit sparks!). This goes for most of the link hcs too.
For late cancels/very fast links it’s a blend ou sound/visual recognition, for me at least that’s it. When I can’t hear audio I have less success at doing those but that doesn’t go to zero.
I can’t really use the score trick. I’m sure it does work for someone, but I lose focus if I look at the score.

how would one use negative edge for this? specially for chunli,
d.mk [hold on to that mk] and qcf x 2 -release ? never works for me

At one point I considered looking at the health bar, since it’s easier to tell the difference between something and nothing happening than two different things happening. With Chun (note: I’m not really a Chun player) to land c.mk > SA2 I often look for things like the opponent starting to do a move right before I hit c.mk or whiffing a throw or more often: whether they’re standing or not.

You just know, feel it :slight_smile:


Pure reflex.

Which means that since I haven’t played seriously in like a year, I’m complete garbage now.

N - Chun low mk has a ridiculous amount of cancel leeway. You should just be able to eyeball that one.

Looking at health/score is not good, you can hit them off ground and let it go and get killed for it. Best way is just to see it , before every hit there’s a frame of big red spark, that’s what I look for.

I dunno how much of a difference that would make though, since I’ve seen several occasions where Chun’s cancel into SA2 after air-reeling Urien cus he did a headbutt. And good Chun players too, so I’m not sure it would matter in that respect. Plus, aside from a knockdown situation, I think it’s bad idea to take your eyes off the action even for a split second.

It’s not always possible to tell the difference, but if you’re looking at the character, at least you have a chance of recognizing what happened. If you’re looking at the health bar/score, all you see is “hit!”, regardless of what they did. Also, I agree that it’s bad idea to take your eyes off the characters. Imagine trying to hit confirm cr.mp with Ken, having to glance up every time you toss a random one out.

I’ve heard people claim to hit confirm off of sound previously, but it’s a terrible idea, IMO. Tournaments are very loud, as are many arcades; it’s hard to hear the sounds coming from your machine when a hundred other people are all clustered around playing at the same time. It’s OK to use the sound in addition to other cues, but relying on it solely is setting yourself up to fail in many environments.

Huh? For me its always just watching if it hits. I don’t listen, or look at my meter or any of that nonsense. If I see the move hit, I throw the super. I can do any shoto hit confirm besides c.mk, and all of Chun’s np. Crap, I can’t believe all the stuff you guys are looking out for.

visual confirmation.

i press the normal, roll the two qcf’s, and drum if it hits.

im usually half way through the super motion once i land the hit,

A voice from above tells me the right time.

I’ve accidentally negative edged some supers I didn’t want to happen, so here’s how I do it.

Let’s say I’m using Ken’s cr.mk:

  1. when I press down + mk, I do a qcf motion. If it doesn’t hit, I have the option of Hadouken.

  2. If it hits, I can press a punch for hadouken, then do another qcf and a kick for the super (assuming SA3 lol), or I can just do qcf + kick for 1 more point of damage although the hadouken one is easier.

I throw it out and hope I get lucky.

Well if you do short short super it’s easy cuz the opponent will be like “ah ah” then you do the super.

If it’s just one poke into the super, just keep whiffing c. MK xx super and hope your opponent dashes into your leg :wonder: