What is the most evil snack you have ever tasted?

Lately, I have discovered a new addictive substance called Snyder’s Pretzel Pieces: Honey Mustard & Onion flavored. Sure, I’ve had my fair share of experience with other munchies that I just couldn’t put down but this… I can’t walk by the freaking kitchen without reaching into the bag, its fucking ridiculous. I’ve been owned!!

Oh yeah I’ve had those before. They’re beast.

I love me some kettle cooked salt and vinegar chips. Love strong sour/tangy stuff.

Sabroso guacamole chips own my soul too.





[media=youtube]bfs8hVNvVik[/media] makes you sick

flaming hot funyuns, flaming hot cheetos, watermelon sour patch kids

:smiley: I had this…

Cool Ranch Doritos back in the day before Frito started cooking the chips differently and monkeying around with the ingredients (which fucks them up compared to the old style). What we have today tastes KINDA like the old stuff, but it’s off by a ways.

I agree about the Snyder’s pretzel chunks or whatever. I can’t put down the hot wings or the honey mustard ones. I simply don’t buy them anymore because I found they would only last a day around my house.

I don’t tend to completely pig out on snacks but those are truly evil.

  • Doritos: Damn things get between your teeth and you need a toothpick to get em out.
  • Lay’s Potato Chips: They fuck your gums up somehow if you eat too many.
  • Candy Caramel Apples: Biting into a cold one is a bitch, and when you pull it off, the apple can be torture. Chocolate chips + caramel + acidic apple = taste bub rape.
  • Cheetos: Can’t eat them without something to wipe your hands with. When there isn’t anything nearby, and you’re wearing nice clothes, shit sucks.
  • Tastykake Chocolate Cupcakes: Tastes great but gives you bad breath.

My mom and sister made these Oreo Cheesecake Cupcakes for New Years. Fucking crack. Ate them for two days straight and my stomach was done; Critical Finish.

I saw this comic strip about eating cheetos with chopsticks, shit blew my mind

Wait what is this? A non troll thread? What are you up to BeGuilded??

…I’m scared

Anything with chilly or some sort of spice is a win for me

i think BeGuilded is insane, or has down syndrome

I dig hot snacks. Snyder’s pretzel nuggets have a hot buffalo wing flavor that I love, also, these:


oh shit havent had hot fries since high school

That’s a good idea. Gotta try it the next time I score some chopsticks.

The jalapeno ones are beast.

Wait… who made this thread, again?



Also, speaking of hot snacks:



Taste AWESOME eaten together. When I used to make 7-11 runs (Going back… a LONG ass time) I used to cop these and go HAM on em. With grape soda. No I’m not black. Racist.


I’ve pretty much swore off snacks after high school. There is definitely some addictive quality to chips. Maybe like every 6 months I’ll dig into a bag of doritos and then half into the bag when my gums feel disgusting and I’ve got a big heavy ball of processed corn quickly turning into diarrhea and I don’t eat them again for another 6 months.

Booze is a snack, pherai.

If you’re doing it right.

If you’re REALLY doing it right, it’s a meal.


Addictive and so rich, you’ll feel it on your stomach for the next few days after gorging. I won’t buy it anymore, I eventually ate it spoonfuls at a time.