What is the most popular Fighting Game in Your City?

I want everybody’s opinion in the most popular fighting game in your local area?.I’m from augusta,ga, and this is just my opinion from what i see the fighting game that’s popular as of right now is MvC2(From the last time I went to the Mall.We only have one arcade(Tilt) in the augusta mall but its not very up to date:shake:.We do have other fighting game which is CvS2,but based on what I see not many people play it(I can’t speak for everybody in Augusta so no disrespect) but I see 3 people that are good in CvS2.I haven’t been to the mall that much anymore because I just tired of it and they never get any new fighting games.The last new fighting game we got at our arcade is T5:DR.That is sad:.The manager tells us to go to the website to request new games but the president of the corporation never send us any new games:tdown:.Just want to know you’ll opinon and most popular fighting game in your local area, and how it became so popular?.

In Brownsville, Texas (by the border), Marvel is the most popular BY FAR. It has the largest amount of competent players (well, aside from anything Smash related, because there are literally thousands of Smash players everywhere), some of which place well in statewide tourneys. Nothing else really competes, to be honest.

Well…there’s no fighting game that’s most popular in my city specifically. I would say Smash only because I’m sure there’s a ton of 5 year old kids that play that game in the area. If you count the states that I live around…3rd Strike, Guilty Gear and Tekken are currently the most popular.

1st Smash/Marvel: They battle each other on a daily.
2nd Soul Calibur
3rd Tekken

Ewww those should never be in the same sentence on this site but yeah. That’s just nasty.

I forgot about smash.I’m sure have plenty of people play that game as well at their cribs.I guess depending on what type of game you like to play the most.Its just hard to get motivated due to the fact everybody wants to get good in a particular fighting game,and due to life so as work,school,and I am sure for some of us,if not the most,girlfriends and having kids which can really mess up your life.

Mahvel ain’t no joke on the east coast.

Not many players in my area but when you live right down the road from Mixup Marvel is pretty popular. ST is also big among everyone here.

I moved to a small city(approx. 200,000 in the middle of nowhere) and one of the last two arcades closed just last month. There is no scene here. In terms of straight popularity, Smash has it but there isn’t even a scene for that here, just a lot of people play it casually. There is a small base of Tekken players who play the only two machines in town(Tekken 2, Tekken Tag) and a few Marvel/X Men vs SF players. Initial D has a huge following in the arcade here for some reason(I’ve never played) and those machines get mad play and are always packed. In terms of console play, some fam and friends all play ST daily. I’m about 3 or 4 hours from large cities with real comp.

its barely a tie between Tekken5 :woot:, Soul Calibur 3, Guilty Gear XX AC :woot:, and KOF XI… mvc2 is fading in the oblivion for some reason rescently

smash, by a long shot

ST, 3s, and T5DR, I’d put Mahvel down, but like most games down here people play that one as an alternate game anymore (it used to be serious till the mall’s arcade started sucking).

CvS2 probably…then 3s and GG

Marvel, with ST coming up in a very close second.

Seattle has a pretty big smash scene as well, or so I am told.

Probably Smash, in my city there’s a place that holds tournies that seem to get a decent turn-up. I’m pretty sure there’s still people who play 3S regularly.

Smash :arazz:
we did have a little tekken community…

tekken 5 is was popular in our arcade as well,then after T5:DR,then all of a sudden it just died.people in our area only play it online.There’s only one person that play T5:DR in our arcade regularly by himself.My and my friend I believe were the only ones playing KOF XI seriously.Then we stopped playing it together and just started playng KOF 98UM.The well known marvel players in our arcade now play guilty gear AC.The only ones that play marvel are the ones who don’t have any console system at home or just have nothing else better to do which is what you can expect from augusta.

SFIV is getting a lot of burn here in NYC. Don’t know how long it will last, but it should prove popular with the OG crowd and 3S players. Marvel and 3S are pretty much the most popular games NYC ever had.

I thought Tekken had a pretty big scene up in NY as well. Or so thats what Inferred from the TZ forums.

Yeah, T5DR WAS big. But now that T6 is out, niggas is waiting for that. I still think Marvel and 3S overshadowed it, though. By a lot.

sand fighter 2