What is the most practical stick?

what is the most practical stick, in terms of ease to repair?

A stick that won’t require me to be dependent on some small obscure mom/pop shop with an uncertain future?

Also, without sacrificing quality of the stick.

Sanwa and seimitsu are the most used parts in the world.
The sticks can last for years and years before a part needs replacing.
So a Hore rap or sega VSHG would be good choices.
Happ parts are popular in the USA but are not quite so well made as the Japanese counterparts.

I would get something with a JLF. Its the most widely used stick in cabs and controllers.

For American style, Happ IL competition sticks are the best there is(P360s overrated!), they work great, and easy to maintain/fix.

your best bet is to equip your pcb with qd’s and carry a spare stick and buttons


Works on both PC and PS3. Has quick disconnects for easy replacement buttons. Uses a Sanwa stick that is carried by multiple online arcade parts dealers.

Very easy to disassemble to replace parts.

You can also make it compatible with the 360 too. So I second the HRAP3.

^ ^ ^ Piggybacking this: your arcade stick should be easy to open.

what about the madcatz sticks? are they available yet, and if so, wouldn’t they have the financial leverage to enable them to be the most practical stick in terms of product support? and superior quality due to seth killian’s involvement in product design?

the only reason to get a madcatz controller would be in case the PCB breaks cause there is no way the sanwa parts in the stick are going to fail before the 90 day warranty expires. They could possibly offer out of warranty to replace sanwa parts if they actually fail but by the time that happens the SFIV stick will probably be long out of production and they stopped carrying sanwa parts in stock. There’s just no way to get around having to rely on places like lizardlick and people like ponyboy for quality parts. If you’re really concerned you should just learn how to hack pads and buy a few sets of sticks and buttons that’ll last you for as long enough until all videogames are controlled by thought and sticks are done away with and all computers of the time can easily emulate any console released during this era.