What is the name of this 2015 arcade cabinet?

Can some kind souls please tell me what is the name of this 2015 Japanese arcade cabinet?

Thank you

seems like its a new custom build made especially for School of Ragnarok… all articles from famitsu and 4gamer dont mention anyhting about it, just better pics :confused:

to those curious, it has a leather bound control panel, a weird button layout with 40 and 60mm dome buttons, a JLF with a chrome balltop.

Thank you for the info.

I am trying to find out the manufacturer and model name of this new arcade cabinet.

It looks like a 2015 version of the Sega Astro City


thinking of buying this cabinet and converting the joystick and buttons for use with Super Street Fighter II Turbo


Those look nothing like a Sega Astro City

School of Ragnarok was only launched on 27 August last month

will be some time yet before the arcade cabinet itself goes on sale on the internet i guess.

I kind of find it hard to believe that Square Enix who wholly owns Taito design a completely new cabinet instead of going with the existing Vewlix cabs and taito type x hardware.
And leather control panels? That isn’t going to last very long. Not out in the wild.

That also assuming these cabs don’t need some kind of network access.

haha, square/taito are baller, seen Gunslinger stratos cabs?

same kinda idea for this game i guess, funky control method with ‘matching’ cab…

hey has been making ‘original cabs’ lately with stuff like Groove Coaster the newer ‘Darius Burst’ cabs,
the game also Taito Type X3 hardware with expected Nesica connectivity features.