What is the performance difference between the LS-32 and LS-32-01?

I know one has standard microswitches the other uses microswitches connected to a PCB, for what purpose? I mean what is the difference?

AFAIK, there’s no real difference besides the ls-32-01 being easier to install for common ground PCBs.

Hey TingBoy I’ve used your HRAP guide for buttons and I must say it was excellent. I’m gonna use it again when my LS-32-01 comes in but I’m curious, why did you remove the dark blue restrictor? Why was it there in the first place since it seems the light blue is the square one anyway? Also on LizardLick’s site LS-32-01 says “LS-32-02” in the picture, is there a difference? Thanks for your guide and your help would be very appreciated.

I removed everything temporarily to rotate the PCB, so it would match the 5 pin harness.

I’m not sure why there are 2 restrictors, but it can’t hurt to keep them on.

I believe the LS-32-02 is the name/number to the PCB.

LS-32 has a separate ground for each direction and uses .250 quick disconnects and comes with a flat mounting plate default.

LS-32-01 has the five pin connector with a common ground and comes with an S shaped mounting plate.

Both joysticks can use either mounting plate, which can be purchased separately.

edit: Keeping the second restrictor on DOES cause the gate to feel different. Try it both ways, you’ll notice that the corners of the gate feel different. I much prefer it without the second gate, the reason it’s there is so that you don’t have to store it somewhere else and then worry about going to find it when you want to switch to a four-way gate.

That second blue restrictor, when used in 8-way mode, shortens the diagonal throw; it feels like a ‘weak’ octagonal gate…

Actually the terminals are .187" size.