What is the point of a pressure string?


I see the value in having someone habitually blocking if I’m a grappler, but why would someone like Bison want to do a pressure string? This video by Mono outlines a long (by my standards, I guess) pressure string.

Blocking mediums and heavies take recoverable life, and if your opponent presses a button, he gets counterhit and his ass beat.
Aside from that you push people into the corner and can mix it up with tick throws, so yeah it’s kind of useful.

Fuck you Art I was gonna say that :sad:

Okay… Now what about when I’m against someone that mashes dp? Bison pressure string vs ken in SFV for example…

You do the pressure string up until the point where the framegap is, stop, block, then full punish the uppercut with a crush counter combo.

There is no way to tell though if someone does this or that one hundred percent of the time though. That’s where the psychology of the fighting game comes in. You try to make educated guesses based of what the other guy has shown you so far similar to poker.
Being very comfortable with your character and knowing much about other characters is very important because of this, because that means you have more brainpower left in order to actually observe what your opponent is doing and what you are doing and saving and processing that information.
If you’re always thinking “Oh how does this move work?” or “What can he do when I stand here?” you’ll be preoccupied by this and the core of the game you’re playing will fly just past you.

Are there any pure block strings in SFV though?

Like Bisons jabs come out in 4 frames, and on block, there’s a 3 frame advantage. So if I’m just simply chaining jabs, isn’t there a one frame gab in between where my opponent can mash out an SRK?

Thanks for your other tips. Right now, im just going through the strategy guide, trying to pick up as much as I can about each character.

Yeah but if you know someone is prone to mashing SRK during a string ( few characters can really do this anyway ), then you do a string and just block and hit them with a 350+ dmg crush counter combo. All about reading your opponent

They exist, but they’re not common in SFV. Stuff like chained jabs/shorts are true blockstrings. Occasionally you see other strings being true blockstrings as well, like Karin s.LK - s.LP.

It’s really matchup-specific though. Against characters without meterless reversals, there are many cases where non-true strings are arguably better than the true strings, simply because the non-true strings have gaps that give the opportunity to counter-hit your opponent out of something.

edit: another often overlooked part of pressure strings is setting up your own spacing after the string if the other guy doesn’t bite on your frametraps. As a recent example, watch this set, where Justin Wong plainly toys with his opponent by setting up good spacings for himself after his strings and single moves, and whiff punishes almost everything the guy does on anticipation (3:20 and 4:03 in particular. 4:50 as well, though JWong didn’t actually punish right there).
Or, to put it another way: your offense doesn’t have to be over just because you’re not in your opponent’s face. You can still let him hang himself and punish him for that =)

Hey guys, I appreciate the follows ups, but in this case now, if I’m going against someone who mashes DP, isn’t just a one-frame gap enough for them to slip it though?

I understand the concepts of frame traps now, so Naeras, I understand what you’re saying. I’m also reading some other things about the value of creating mixups to bait the DP… But truly though, isn’t one frame enough, or am I missing the point?

DPs have invincible frames, you can never interrupt them. That’s why wake up DPs are a thing to get people off your backs, but it’s a gamble though coz blocked DPs are a guaranteed counter hit.

You have to train the person not to be so dp happy. A few CC combos after a blocked or whiffed dp will teach him not to throw it out all willy-nilly.

The whole point of an untrue blockstring is to catch people doing stuff. So if you do, say, Ryu st.mp, st.mp, most normals they do will get beaten. If you know they are mashing dp, just do st.mp and block. They’ll mash dp, go flying skyhigh and say goodbye to a third of their lifebar. The whole point is to see what the opponent is doing and give them a proper kind of rope to hang themselves with. With DPs, that is doing something and blocking. With buttons, that’s blockstrings with small holes. With mashed throw techs, that’s taking a step back and punishing the whiffed throw. If the opponent thinks, you can train him off some habits. When he blocks, go for a throw. If the opponent doesn’t think (and many people do not), you just see what they’re doing frantically every time and give them the rope again and again until they lose.