What is the Point of Customization


What is the point when the majority of the colors are Black White and Grey…

Running the risk of sounding like I am complaining, What, are they gonna have DLC colors … o_O


I’m guessing next week when Megaman and Pacman are playable? I’m not sure.


Guaranteed. Can only hope they’re at least cheaper than BlazBlue colors.


What?!, so I am not crazy… Didnt know BlazBlue had DLC colors… -___-


Yeah they were 5 USD a pack in BB. I read a post saying there would be free SFxT color packs but I can’t believe Capcom would pass up on an easy opportunity to nickel and dime us.


I remember back in sf4 Capcom said it takes a lot of work to create costumes, make them fit in the engine, etc. and thats why they sold them…then pc users started making higher quality costumes in less then a day sometimes…Now watch them come up with saying it’s hard to get the right shade of a colour fit with the art style and isolate it for different parts.

I want to make a joke saying next they will be selling…I just can’t think of anything else less valuable then colours lol. Maybe they’ll sell win quotes?


They are suppose to be free.


They could sell fonts new fonts for the PSN IDs under the lifebars :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: Helvetica and Times New Roman for $8.95 a piece lol


Yeah the colors are hilariously limited. Can’t see they would have it that way. I’m not asking for a slider (which would lead to skin tone colors on ladies with tight clothing), but a wider range at launch would have been nice. At least cover the colors of the damn rainbow with three hues each (similar to Halo).

The color pack was said to be free, even still I’d rather not buy colors. That would be the new horse armor. Even DLC combo sets have function, and costumes make since, but selling colors is silly. And I usually have absolutely no problem with most DLC.


I don’t know why they didn’t just give us a color wheel.


They said a long time ago and many many times that the DLC colors will be free.


the question is, where are they? and why are they holding them back? makes zero sense.


They said the FIRST pack of dlc colors will be free. After that though I’m almost positive they’ll start selling packs with different shades of black and white. So to answer the op’s question. The point of cusomization(if you can even call it that) is to get more money off of us.


They are afraid of flesh-tone Rufus and Cammy.


I want you to eat your hat on stream when it’s not.


its becuase they had to rush the game to make street date, thats why,have non of you been online and seen that the game was rushed, im amazed black and white is there at all… my goth juri and xaioyu with the black lipstick work


They are already on the disc, ready to go (if you hack the game, that is). We just have to wait until Capcom is kind enough to let the less piraty customers use them. :tup:


Capcom sold us colour packs for 3s:OE.

They said that they’d be free for this game but they also said you’d be able to have more than one person playing on the Xbox version.


everyone would learn how to play nina and juri so they can play nudie characters


Not only will I eat my hat if it’s not, I’ll even eat a delicious steak dinner with a side of potatoes!