What Is the point of Fei Longs Ultra 2?

Sups, I am a hard core Fei user now, About a week ago when I learned of his awsomeness. What I want to ask is this…Why give him a Ultra 2 that does nothing for you??? I’ve used this ultra in many situations and it failed me misirably. It’s to predictable, does a little less damage than his 1 ultra, and Can’t counter almost anything but normals. Also what ultra 2 can’t do ultra 1 can. If used idrectly after someone uses their ultra, ultra 1 can counter them with it’s invincibility frames.

Can some one tell me any uses to Ultra 2 other than countering normals :crybaby:

breaks the hearts of avatar imposters

I use Ultra 2 as a tool to put the opponent on a more defensive stance. Once your opponent notices you have it at the ready, they tend to be much more cautious in what they do, making it easier to get in on them, and maintain that pressure. I only use Ultra 2 on reaction, prediction is where it shines, but being unable to cancel, or counter during the entire duration makes the risk not all that worthwhile to me.

i had my doubts using Ultra II at first but now its the only Ultra i choose.No particular reason, i just use it because i find it more useful for dealing with matchups i find annoying and hard.

three words , one inch punch, it looks awesome. that and people always think" I can’t believe I got caught with that". other than the UI is better in everyway. I am a long time fei long player and there are only two real adantages to UII vs UI, number one: UII won’t whiff after you catch someone, unlike the UI, where u can say yesssssss I caught em, then say awwww, I lost because it whiffed and was punished by an ultra. the other reason is why I always pick it, it stops cross overs. this is one situation where UI’s invinsibility frames won’t help you, but UII can and will punish annoying shotos that live on cross overs.
I thought UII was horrible at first, but it’s sumthing to get use to, soon you’ll see the hits comming fast enuff where u do the ultra between their start up frame(where you see the kick or punch comming)and the frame where it actually lands. this is Bruce lee’s way after all, the art of the intercepting fist.

Look up some of Inthul’s fights. He puts it to good use against characters with a good rush-down game.

Develop your Sharingan and then you’ll see it’s usefulness. When you KNOW a move is coming, use it.

For example, it shuts down the vortex for a majority of characters such as Akuma and Cammy, they’re more restricted to empty jump in’s and they’re more wary of the fact they could get caught by a hefty counter.

Improve your reaction time and watch for jump ins. Ultra 2 creates a whole new danger game for people on the obvious offensive, pros are more seasoned to baiting it out of you so don’t always feel the need to use the ultra just because it’s there. Don’t get gassed neither because of that foolish youtube video showing fei long losing to grabs and armor break moves.

There’s a ton of ultras you can use this against, for example, did you know after ken’s first kick for Ultra 2, the rest can be countered? Or how about after Cody’s second Ultra, when he kicks up dust, anything he does after that can be countered? So yes my friend, buffer the motion so as he goes for the last hit that knocks you into the sky there’s a delay where you can bring out the ultra. Free damage :slight_smile:

Oh and here’s a sweet one, blankas uber hefty ultra 1 chip damage ultra? Yeap that can be countered at any point too. On knockdown, go up near them and bait it out of them, back dash so he ends up on top of you ready to come down and bring out an ultra. It just takes the ability to predict, react and understanding human behaviour when faced with the danger of being hit by something you’ve promised yourself you saw it coming.

its good against a character like rufus/cammy that uses mindless rushdown where they are constantly hitting you with buttons (divekicks). It also does a great job of forcing characters that normally go for cross-ups and ambiguous set-ups for free into worrying about the ultra… which means against a character like akuma who might knock you down once and win a round on 3-5 good guesses now is much more likely to empty jump throw, cutting down the option you have to worry about.

For most match-ups ultra 1 is better (though still weak in uses) but for some ultra 2 shins compared to ultra 1 overall mediocrity.

The main deal really isn’t the fact of what the ultra 2 does, its the idea of what it stops the opponent from doing because of the “what if”… getting to land it is almost more of a bonus then the main use.

My most success with U2 is beating cross-ups that I can react to. It’s also good against characters like cammy and viper. viper’s whole game revolves around ambiguous cross-up burning kicks, which can be Ultra’d. U2 also takes away Akuma’s cross-up tatsu. Don’t try U2 on demonflip though. That’s a guess not in your favor at all.

It is an absolute MUST to be a good player to use U2 effectively. The fear factor only comes into play when your opponent respects you and knows that:

a) You can land U2 on reaction.
b) If you land U2, you have the skill required to finish him off.

If the Fei player is given the opportunity to land U2 and fails to take the momentum, there’s no point.

In this regard, Fei newbies should NEVER choose U2. A random U2 is not going to save you if you can’t approach your opponent to finish him. Hell, even a CALCULATED U2 won’t stop your opponent’s offensive pressure if he doesn’t respect you as a player. With that in mind, noobs are typically unable to capitalize on the fear factor of the Ultra which is its main strength. Coupled with the fact that noobs focus on the damage aspect of Ultras as opposed to other factors like set-ups, mind games, etc., and you’ll see why there’s so much criticism against it.

U2 does have its applications. Keep searching for them.

hmmm…o.k one sorry mike didn’t know bout your avatar XD, and two yea, I geuss you guys are right :stuck_out_tongue: I do suck when it comes to predicting others attacks >.<

I also only use Ultra 2, To me there’s just as much a guessing game with his shitty ultra 1, unless you land a jumping HK or Focus, which lets face it is unlikely (if your playing anyone remotely skilled).

The most important piece of advice I could give is U2 (like most Ultras) is just a tool, just another move, Its not “shit I,m down to my last hit, I’ve been knocked down …I’ll slam Ultra = Dead”

You have to condition your opponent, 80% of players use crouching jabs or cross ups to counter what they think is a potential Throw/rekka situation then Bam - game over Ultra 2.

Also the mind games are unreal. You can walk up throw, walk up Reverse DP, walk up jab, walk up …you guessed it …Bam Ultra 2.

Empty Jump in U2 is also a good one, especially if you have him on the ropes.

Theres so many uses, just remember - you dont NEED to use it. You do need to be fast though, although its very easy to be fast with the button actions on this one.

I like using it for certain matchups. For instance:

Akuma: if he likes to play footsie with st.HK you can walk forward buffering it… if he throws out one at the wrong range where the first kick misses, you have time to react and punish with U2. It also beats ambiguous tatsu cross up and the dive kick from demon flip.

Bison: Most bison players will use scissor pressure and head stomp at some point. Counter ultra beats both. Also if you are psychic and tired of running into st.HK it can beat that.

Gouken: No dive kick pressure, gouken has no offensive game without it.

Cammy: Can’t spam dive kick pressure.

Balrog: Can’t safe jump you anymore.

Viper: Can’t Burning kick cross up safely.

Ryu: If they like to mash DP out of pressure strings, mash counter ultra out of your own pressure string and get some lols out of it.

Honda: Buttslam = dead.

Rufus: Dive kick pressure gets owned. No more ambiguous cross ups.

Generally my rule is that if they have a move that is commonly used that leaves them open to Ultra 1 then I use it, or if I feel I will be landing focus a lot, like vs Balrog. If they don’t have something that leaves them horribly open or I need an answer to their pressure, I use U2.

I’ll second those pics. Akuma is almost a guarantee, you’ll land it nearly every time. I’d add Ibuki in there and also Guile, Kens wake up DP gets owned also.

The thing I love about U2 is that once you’ve landed it, the whole complexion of the next round or rematch changes. You can actually see the player try to bait it from you, which is when you take charge.

Can’t agree with this.

Why do Chun players give her weak U2 credit for improving her game yet we Fei players can’t do the same for U1? It’s 228 damage added to a Flame Kick by way of FADC, guaranteed on anyone as long as you practice up. If you consider that you can already use HK CW after FADC on a majority of the cast, it’s still a good 84 damage. And come on, landing a Flame Kick in a match is not that hard.

Major difference is the meter cost vs. Chun’s U2. If you play a Super-Combo-oriented Fei, U1 juggles are not for you. I burn meter with my Fei though so I see a ton of value to U1, especially against characters that can only be juggled twice by HK CW.

If we forget about punishment situations, this also becomes a totally unfair argument. U1 has that “guaranteed damage” potential after an attack has been blocked, despite hitboxes that may cause it to miss in rare situations. U2 requires you to judge timing and spacing in an instant, which may require more subjective reading of your opponent and what he may (or may not) do.

As far as finding openings-- using Flame Kick creates the opening for a juggle, and let’s not play down the role of Focus Attacks. FAs can be pretty deadly in Fei’s game whether you chance a Lv1 or if you opt to pressure with Lv2. In either instance you’re able to move into your opponent’s personal space or bait a move and capitalize. Whether this leads to an Ultra or not is just the cherry on top. There’s no cherry if you choose U2.

Don’t get me wrong though. I’m not playing down U2 at all–I’ve always been open minded and have defended it for its purpose. I just don’t think you can equate U2 to U1 given the differences in their uses.

All good points. I happen to burn my meter also, and never have super stocked. I wouldn’t even consider myself a complete player, average - good at best. But I can pull off FADC into CW if i want to go down that road as far as punishment goes.

I just find U1 relies heavily on certain situations , where as although U2 has the same if not worse a problem, it really changes the style of the match up. Your not getting bombarded with cross ups, dive kicks etc etc.

U1 also has serious hit box issues, like last night I neutral jumped Balrog and smashed ultra, hit the first punch then whiff and I’m punished.

I think I should play around with U1 a bit more, 90% of my matches i pick U2 regardless, maybe i’m not giving U1 enough credit.

That’s true to the extent where the other character or the other player will rely on lots of rush-down, but you can’t say it has the same effect universally. When you play a strong Akuma player, you may face a lot of Dive Kick pressure, or you may face one that likes to use fireball and run away. Keep in mind that this may be the same guy. There are certain characters (without fireballs) that may rely on more consistent pressure where U2 will have a definite purpose in the match-- that’s where I propose that U2 is a much better pick than U1.

If used as a juggle, however, U1 has that DP> FADC> Ultra appeal to it which will work in any match that you land a Flame Kick and can FADC. This “certain situation” is probably one of the more common ones you may find, and given the number of set-ups you can implement after a blocked Flame Kick> FADC, it has that universal appeal that U2 does not. In a match where you don’t know what your opponent’s approach may be, I suggest you pick U1 to start as it works in all situations.

Yea, that’s one of its greater faults, but it’s something that we Fei players should train ourselves to look out for. Certain ranges make Ultra use a little uncertain. I think if we look at Fei’s U1 more like Ken’s U1, we’ll be less twitchy about launching it at the first jump-in or the first counter-hit opportunity.

Definitely do so! Being able to counter-pick Ultras gives Fei a lot more variety and makes him a better character overall.

Flame kick into ultra 1 full juggle is kinda inconsistent for me since the timing is different on practically everyone. Also it’s not guaranteed three hits as originally thought. As far as I was able to test you just can’t hit Ibuki with the third hit for some reason.

hmmmm… I geuss I just need to practice more with it, tho personaly I like U1 better.

Yea odd phenomenon-- C.Viper is immune to the third hit too. Can’t be a coincidence that it happens to the two characters with super-jumps… At least U2 is more effective against these two anyhow.

On a different note though, you can cancel MK Flame Kick xx Super on Viper for 3 hits, giving you 410 damage. That’s a pretty cool way to rack up some damage off of an anti-air FK (though tough to do).