What is the point of Red Parrying?

So, I’ve heard of this and I’ve seen it, but I don’t know what the uses of Red Parrying are, or the differences are between normal parrying and red parrying. Can someone explain this to me? Thanks!

Red Parrying happens while you’re still in block stun. Essentially, if someone is pressuring you with a chain or cancel, you can parry the 2nd hit while in the block stun of the first hit. This is the only option you have aside from continuing to block or letting them hit you.

Red Parry’s allow you to escape from continued pressure (ie Akuma’s RH Tats on Urien) and counter attack. You have less frames to do Red Parry’s compared to standard parries (I dunno the exact frame count).

What he said. I believe it’s around 4-6 frames for a red parry, 8 or 9 for a blue. They can be very useful. He basicaly summed it up in a can, but the advantages of red parrying can be enormous if you’re good enough. Any time you block a multi hit string you have a counter for it. Whether you can do it or not is the key.

Say if you have a few pixels left and your oppponet throws a multi hit super at you, you block the first few cause you think it’ll be safe, but turns out it will chip you to death, so you’ll red parry the rest of it to survive and then mollywhoop.

You only get 2 frames for a red parry. So your timing has to be on point. That’s why it can be rather difficult to red parry stuff like multi hitting supers or Genei Jin shit.

It’s also usefel on fireball supers like Ryu and Akuma’s SA1s. If you red parry the last hit you won’t be put in block stun.

Plus you get flash/style points for looking ub3r l33t.

I have a lot of questions

1-have any different thing between parry of each chars ??
2-what is the real frame advange of parry ?? (not block stun?? is immediate recovery??)
3-if the oponent attack you in your’s block stun, the new attack imput you in a new block stun (block stun of new attack) ? or add block stun frames??
how to parry in super freeze frames ?? can you parry in reaccion of super or need anticipate every time??
4- if you fail parry can you block ?? can you parry and back pad and parry next hit?? (example : ex- hadoken)

excuse my bad english…

So, there’s really no technical difference between red or blue parrying (besides how many frames you have to do it) other than how it occurs?


Well i heard Q has an easier “parry-box” if you will.
Usually, if you fail parrying, you cant block, because you already got hit.
If you parry, you can block the next hit, then red parry the next, and so on.

mmm becuase i have a bad bad english you not understand mi questions

4- if you fail parry can you block ?? can you parry and back pad (not for block )and parry next hit?? (example : ex- hadoken) parry 2 hits of hadoken whit back in the pad between each attack (but not block) (front , back , front)
i am parry whit Q last hit of SA2 of chun and is red parry some times why ?? (big hit box??)

1.) Yes, different characters parry differently. Some characters move forward while parrying, others move backward, and others don’t move at all. Some characters also have different parry timings, like how Q sometimes has to red parry the last hit of Chun’s SAII. By the way, no, it’s not easier to parry with Q; if anything, it’s harder.

2.) Yeah, you can recover immediately from a parry. Your parry animation goes on for a while, but you can cancel it with any attack.

3.) The new attack puts you in the blockstun of the new attack. Let’s say the blockstun on an imaginary jab is 4 frames, the startup is 1 frame, and the recovery is also 1 frame. Say you get hit by it and the opponent doesn’t hit you again; you’re in block stun for 4 frames. Now say you get hit by it and 2 frames later (the earliest you can get hit again because of the jab’s startup and recovery) you get hit again, 2 frames before you would have recovered. The game doesn’t add 4 more frames of blockstun to the 4 frames of the previous move, since that would eventually put you in permanent blockstun. Instead, it cuts the blockstun of the previous move and starts the blockstun of the new one. So even though there would have been 2 more frames of blockstun from the first jab if the second jab hadn’t come, those 2 more frames are scrapped and the 4 blockstun frames of the second jab are put in instead.

4.) You can’t parry during the super freeze frames. Against some supers, the ones that start up really quickly, you have to anticipate parrying the super and press toward before the super freeze, but against supers with slower start-ups you can wait until after the super freeze to press toward.

there needs to be a sticky on this forum that covers parrying, red parrying, kara throws and every other topic that pops up 10 times every month.

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Thanks you very much ultradavid

1- whats is recovery frames of escape of throws??
if parry windows exist you can try parry and back pad for if you fail parry try block??
whats atacks can’t be throw ?? (i se a lot , you can use crouch animation for escape of throws. why??) and some moves (necro: back fierce gouki: front strong)

excuse i like this game but my english is very bad…

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  1. Sorry, but I’m not sure about the recovery of a teched throw and I don’t want to just make it up.

  2. Yes, but it depends on the timing. Like Suupa said, if you try for a parry and mess up the timing, you’ll already be getting hit before you even consider blocking. But technically, I believe you can because blocking should be instant, but relying on that would be really foolish.

  3. Being unthrowable is a specific property of moves; it’s not related to speed or anything else. Uppercuts, Akuma’s f+MP (in arcade), and pretty much any move that instantly puts you in the air (Urien’s headbutt) and others are unthrowable because that property applies to them. Necro’s b+HP isn’t unthrowable; it’s just the way he moves himself backward when doing it that makes it evade most normal throws.